January 2022 Free Patch Sharing Thread

Post your free Vital patches here!

This a single place to find free patches. At the end of the month they will be collected all up and re-posted as a Vital bank.

This thread is ideally limited to free stuff. Producers of commercial patches can have their own threads and thus make a bit more of a fanfare to promote their super sounds.

Big thanks to Evan (@NotKnownPerson) for offering to take on managing this thread :slight_smile:

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I have a patch or two I’d like to share but I’m not sure how to do it.

In the text box whenever you’re posting, there’s a toolbar at the top. Quote, Bold, Italic, etc., and the seventh option is upload. it looks like an up arrow in front of a computer box. That button opens a dialog box that lets you browse for files and choose them for upload.

You can also drag & drop into the editor to upload.

Thanks. Major brain freeze here for some reason.

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PD - Ocean Dusk.vital (1.4 MB)
UFO Landing.vital (1.8 MB)

Here are the patches I made for my submission to the KVR One Synth Challenge #155
SeBaer - IDKWTFID (OSC155 - Vital).vitalbank (1.4 MB)

If I haven’t gone to bed yet, can I still pretend it’s January?

I guess if I’m running the threads now, I get to decide. It’s been slow this month, so I’ll throw in a few patches I made but haven’t released this month. I decided to make my own patches for this months OSC, except I missed the rules about no samples, and I used samples for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. whoops

I’ll have a preset bank up shortly, but in the meantime:

From -Funk Bass- to -Saw Pad-.vital (601.1 KB) FM meets supersaws
From -Harmonic Bass- to -String Pad-.vital (601.2 KB) What if the phaseyness stayed for the higher octaves?
Happy Pad 2.vital (1.4 MB) My favorite style of pad. Smoooth
Rock Organ Free Preset Thread Edition.vital (2.5 MB) I’m proud of this one. Hammond organ sim with Leslie speaker.
Has simulated locked drawbar phase, Dual rotor sim with stereo phase modulation and stereo width control, Dynamic Leslie speed sim, basic dual rotor sim, single note percussion sim, and Expression pedal on Macro.
Trademark Infringment.vital (278.9 KB) Meme. After putting in so much work on the above, I made this instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour. Just hold middle C, and possibly an octave lower. Thx for being patient!

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Here’s a quite elaborate acid bass patchNB -High Testosterone Acidbass.vital (150.8 KB)

and here’s a little video walkthrough of it https://youtu.be/aYH936C-hXc

Here is a compilation (as a Vital Patch Bank) of patches posted to the forum in January 2022: 2022-01 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
Also, I have a handy Google Drive folder containing all vitalbanks from all Free Patch Sharing Threads. One of these days I’ll get around to renaming the earlier ones to match the new naming convention.

Patches were contributed to the forum by the following forum members:

I am not planning on collecting skins at the moment. If you REALLY NEED them collected in one place, let me know, and I’ll look into doing them as well. I only download skins I’m planning on using, as I rarely browse though them looking for the right skin to fit a track. :man_shrugging:

If I have missed anyone, or if you would like your patches removed from this compilation bank, please let me know.

In addition to these patches:
@SeBaer posted a vitalbank for his submission to OSC#155
@carl.caulkett is maintaining an archive of patches posted onto discord.
@josi.ayensa maintains (and contributes to) an online repository of vital patches
@michael.witwicki maintains a free Preset Sharing Site

Got patches to share? Want to find more patches? Then look for other monthly patch sharing threads :slight_smile:

Please don’t post any more patches to this thread, find the thread for the current month. Thanks.

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