Vital - YOUR Songs!

Nusein333, Nice ambient. How did you do the animated kaleidoscope?

Here is an ambient tune I sketched.
8 instances of Vital, drums and vocal are samples.

I’m enjoying this synth.

This is for Mr. Tytell. Many thanks for a great synth!!

Made with Vital along with Daedalus vst’s.

And Happy - or at least a little bit better - New Year to all music lovers and makers out there!!

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Some very creative people in here, I love these entries! Keep it going :heart_decoration:

Words of Calamity

Some freeform hardcore, in line with Lv.4 and Betwixt & Between.

Ambient, all Vital.

Uses patches by:
Florixel, David Lincoln Brooks, tinga, Yuli Yolo, Twins Of Messaline, Deliveraz

This is my submission to the One Synth Challenge #155 (Jan 2022, “Any One Synth”)

I also submitted a song for KVR One Synth Challenge #155

Find the patches I made here.

Edit: What is it with those stoopid Soundcloud-widgets, that they alway break?

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Track made with Vital and drum samples.

used presets by:
Twins of Messaline, SNFK, Horizon95, Ben Kel, OFF\META, Strepp7, Kyurumi, Me, tinga, Krel, yunison

Liked it, well done.

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Enjoyable, original. Well done.

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Been a while since I’ve been on this website, so I’ll make this quick, this is a demo.

This is a track that I’m still working on that I made only using Vital presets that I made for the synths, as well as a couple of samples just to add a little ambience. I would love some feedback on it before I make it public.


:arrow_forward:︎ under O e.p. | exm (

@exm Interesting, 12 tone? I don’t think I’ve heard something this experimental before. I know that 12 tone isn’t really common in electronic music. It’s pretty good though!

Cool! Maybe share the preset.

Song: Connection
Artist: Vet Novice

Made a fun beat using tons of Vital samples, namely the arp in the first drop, and the square lead in the middle of the song. Hope you guys enjoy :D.

Hi, can I post this here? Drums are no Vital, but the rest is. I hope you like it. :wink:

I’m new to this community, but I really like what I see. Especially this share your songs section.

I’m one half of a two-piece band called Parasite. I do all the drum, synth, sample, bass guitar programming, and vocals. The only thing that I don’t do is the guitar tracks. That’s all my good friend’s work.

Here’s our latest track which I used my custom Vital patches in…

I’m still learning about mixing and production, so I’m sorry if any parts sound a bit shite.

Either way, it’s good to be here!

Interested in making sample packs, made a bunch of electronic piano bits with improvisation.
Not selling these, just wanted to see where my ability and sound is at. What do you guys think?