Vital - YOUR Songs!

I figure it’d be a good place here in the forums to post Vital songs. I just also found out I’m a user of the Month! Damn okay!! I’ll have to post here a lot more.

Song: Vital
Artist: Vet Novice

I make daily beats, so chances are I’ll use this thread to post more songs. How about you guys post your songs and we can talk about ideas, or juice each other up with compliments and positive feedback!

I do mainly chiptune and want to branch out to more genres. The main synth I used here was a simple Saw patch in Vital and I drew the wav for the base natively in Renoise, enjoy!!


Here’s mine, this is the first project I started working on after installing Vital, man the “keyframe” wavetable editor is so much fun. I’m usually a fan of the one-synth challenges, so I used Vital on the whole thing. enjoy


I like your’s :smiley:
I’ll post one in an hour or so i gotta spiff up the synth solo its a little messy rn :smiley:
Mine is all Vital but i used U-HE’s Podolski for some arps

That’s Groovy!

A Noise :eyes:


here’s some synthwave, I used Vital for all the sounds. cheers.


This is awesome, one synth challenges are super cool. Great string like pads, and the high hats feel really nice, better than a standard triplet beat. Nice reverse drums and decay on the claps to make it feel really varied and fun to listen to. The nice little snare snap adds so well to the thumpy kick, and the robot voices. :smiley:
Super hype to see you post CRSNred!

The accordion like synths in this are wild with the side chain moving and the thumping of the kick. Really love the breakdown at 0:16 with the crashes and hats. Very spacious with the reverb. The pad really sinks its teeth in over time, and feels really nice. The groove feels pretty progressive rock too, if that makes any sense? The pianos that accentuate it with the arpeggio synth in the middle is super fun. I have to borrow some of these ideas for my own tracks! Even with the bass wubs heh.

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Man those pads with the high resonance really remind me of Metroid Prime. The pluck feels so poppy and strong, nice 80s like synth wave snare. Really nice mid ranges on it with a poppy high end. Everything in this blends so seamlessly. Super easy and fun to listen to. The tom drum rolls are super fun. That and the super saw that kicks in about a minute in is hype.

Actually this also kinda reminds me of Megaman ZX music, if you’ve ever heard it!! The refrain in 2:30 is nice too. Leads into more mixups and buildups! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

I already love the concept of this thread! DEFINITELY Jumping in on this :wink:
Back when Vital was in Beta I used it to create a remix of the Fall Guys main theme in which I only used Vital for all the synth sounds, heck- I even made my own kick with Vital in this track!


Nice one, really laid back as well.:grinning:

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Thanks so much for posting! That’s so sick you made it all in Vital! I’m going to make a beat today because of this :).

Quick song update! I made a cool song using Vital as the main synth drop at around 1 minute in :D.

The song is about the gator boss for my game!

Song: Hunt
Artist: Vet Novice


What’s your’ game? :open_mouth:

oh… maybe its not out yet

Here it is, hope you dig it, the game is coming out soon!!

Also my Twitter is now @VetNovice :), and I do the music now, not Lucien.

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Liking it! My every day challenge is to pick 2 presets at random and make something. Thanks for all the presets, guys!

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My KVR OSC entry
I’ll push my 12 years old PC (I5 first gen.) to the limit :grinning:

Daw Reason11
Vital X 11
VST plugins:A1 trigger gate;Ignite amp SHB1;Nadir
Reason FX:Softube bass amp,RV7000 reverb;DDL1 delay;Mclass EQ
RE:Omega mastering Clipper


Two tracks already - Vital is the only VST Synth, on top I slapped quite some Bitwig stock FX and some MeldaProduction.
I used Vital free edition, did all patches from scratch. Only the BDR is based on the Kick Preset of the free edition.
The whole songs are completely synthesized, there’s no bounces, no samples or post processing after bouncing the whole track.


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