Vital 1.5 public release

1.5.5 still crashing for me I’m afraid. Both standalone and VST. Opening the VST also crashes Ableton Live.

Posted two possible bugs I’ve found on version 1.5.5
Random pops when using DISTORTION


SORTING when Exporting banks

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Why not adding the build number to the version number? It’s a bit confusing to not know what version we really have installed if there are several builds with the same 1.5.5 version number.


well a new 1.5.5 should be 1.5.6, or, right?

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yes, or if they don’t feel like the changes are enough for a 1.5.6, a build number can be added, like 1.5.5 6730. So the build number is 6730 and if that’s different between two installers, you know the code is different, but they can share the 1.5.5 since that’s the “features” version (a more human readable format).

Usually for devs it’s better to have a single number (6730) to designate the version since it’s easier to handle in terms of building processes and can be incremented with smaller changes, X.Y.Z builds up too fast. But it’s easier for users to read something like 1.5.5. Some devs like U-he combine both.

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Unfortunately none of the Vital 1.5.5 types (standalone, vst2, vst3, clap) work on Win7. All of them crash when loading. :worried:

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been working just fine for me.

I’m wondering what’s next? Or there is a bug fixing works in progress?

Really? This is interesting. :thinking: Are you on Win 7 64bit?

Still, 3D display only shows 2D slice of wavetable.

MacOS Ventura 13.0.1


Is the 1.5.x still compatible with Mac OS 10.12 ? If not, what is the minimum Mac OS version required ?

On Windows 10 using Bitwig 4.4.6, the CLAP version is much more CPU hungry than VST3…
Anybody else having problems here??

it’s been quiet from Matt… is it all ok?


brilliant love this , top vst very happy

Could you release the new version’s code to github by any chance ?


Hi, thanks for the new release. I’ve been using a while (just a pair of hours) and I’ve found that after loading a new skin I started hearing glitches while moving mouse over the interface (scrubbing?).
BUT, after reloading the default skin glitches disappeared, and going again back to the new skin works without glitches.
I’ll try to recreate the conditions, and if I find a reason i’ll post here.
Anyway, good job and thank you!

The clicks appear again when the individual oscillator spectroscope is active, no matter it is not displaying a change (static waveforms also generate glitches).
The glitches keep sounding while the DAW is in background (while i’m writing this in the browser)
The SMP display also glitch3es a bit, but less than each of the oscillators.
The volume of the glitches is controlled by each oscillator volume (!!!) If i set each volume to 0.02 I can hear.
I can’t filter the glitches, i’ve tried both HP & LP 24 and the clicks keep there while the signal is heard. When the filter cuts the oscillator sound glitches disappear (Low freq sine through HP set at 12k).
Resizing gui & oversampling doesn’t change the rate or level of clicks.
If I switch to Effects/Matrix/Advanced views, the clicks disappears. My GPU is an nVidia GTX1650 - CPU Ryzen 5 5600.

My version is 1.5.5

I haven’t followed this thread, so: have it been checked already that buffer size is not too small? This can appear as clicking and sound skipping/lagging but for simple enough sounds the latter won’t probably be discernible, whereas clicks would be heard.

Why is no changelog in there?

Can confirm flashy GUI using 1.5.5 on a mid 2011 imac (High Sierra). Version 1 works fine so far and sounds/ looks great. Cheers!

Thats dope

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