Vital 1.5 public release

You can get it now at


I don’t see a download link for 1.5 anywhere, latest public version is still 1.0.8, any ideas where it might be?

Excellent work Matt!! :clap:

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It should be there. Should look like this:


Oooh, ok, I thought the early access label meant it wasn’t the public relase, thanks :slight_smile:

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thank you! :slight_smile: :clap:

Ah no, it’s just marked that in case there are any graphics issues on setups that I haven’t seen.

I haven’t found any way to disable automatic downloading. I click cancel every time, but every time I load vital it runs the download again. No offence to Venus Theory (I love your work), but I don’t want the presets and I don’t want them (or any for that matter) to auto download :grin:

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Yeah i’ll probably just put those presets in the factory bank

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wonderful update! thanks so much!
preset browsing has become so much faster

is it ok to post wishes here? :wink:

for example one:
i’d like to have copy/paste for whole OSC settings
for example: ctrl-click into the OSC titlebar, select copy
ctrl-click into another OSC titlebar and select paste from the dropdownmenu
copies all settings (osc, tuning, wavetable, warps etc) to the target OSC

ditto with ENV and LFO and Filters

oh, the speed of the preset browser and gui resizing is such a joy! :slight_smile:

and finally the long awaited undo/redo!


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Just back from my holiday. Saw the 1.5.3 and installed it. Still the flickering on my “old Mac”.
I’d love to work with the new upgrades, but all I can do is listen to the presets, made by others.
Which is fine, there are already lots of nice ones made!, but…

Please Mat, make a version with the old graphics engine, If possible! :cry::cry::cry:

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Oh, no.
Favorite synth and no more Win 7 support.
Crashes on load.

How to live now?


It’s probably a big ask to have it be backward compatible with the older Win 7 systems. I’m in the same boat. It is incentive to update my OS. I think it would be great if it could be made to work with older systems. Many new users may be working with older systems and Vital is a near perfect “first synth” imho.

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I just reinstalled the old version. That still works, but as mentioned above, I’d like to play with the new stuff. I payed for the full version, so it would be nice to have it. But hey I see the dilemma for Matt here, and it will cost him probably a lot of work to make it, but…… let’s hope he will find the time and inspiration to make us happy.

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Yes it is the best “first synth” with so many options. The user interface is so perfect and imo the most intuitive and easy to work with.
Now that it is available for everyone, more folks like us will have the same problem, due to older systems, and maybe …… maybe Matt will be convinced to make a version with the old graphic engine. For now I live with the 1.0.7 version.

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AFAIK, the upgrade from win7 to 10 is free.

it’s a hobby to be in the Linux club, much learning, much configuring must be done to be in the Linux club, but if you have infinite patience then you can let go of Windows and after the scars heal, and some of your hair grows back and the color returns to your cheeks, you won’t look back.

(edit: it wasn’t easy to move to Linux and stay, but it can be done and there’s enough software tools to keep you busy, and it seems to show steady improvement.)

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Thank You Mr. Tytel!

Does the old presets sound identical with previous releases?

Hi to everyone here!
Thank you Matt @Tytel for this final release :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the Linux (deb) Pro version and got a virus warning! from my latest Firefox browser. I had also download the same Vital 1.5.3 version some time ago, when it first came out and noticed a difference in the file size with this one (32,697,622 bytes was the old one and 32,697,612 bytes this one). Were there any modifications in between ? And how safe is it to use the new Vital ?

Thanks in advance…