Exporting Banks on Version 1.5.5

As this was present in version 1.0.7, it would be nice to bring the ability to SORT files again by NAME or DATE when exporting banks back

On Version 1.0.7, when you went to export Bank, you could SORT files by NAME or DATE. However, on version 1.5.5, you can’t sort them at all, which makes exporting banks a bit more of a pain as you have to select files one by one considering you may have other files in there

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This is more of a feature request than bug?

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I wouldn’t say it’s a request, as it was present on version 1.0.5, 1.0.6, 1.0.7, so likely something that was left out. So it’s not a request I’d say… looks more like something that was left behind

But sure, it could be a feature request. feel free to change the status if needed

My bad, I didn’t read the post as carefully

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