March 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread

Post your free Vital patches here!

I thought it might be useful (for new users especially) to have a single place to find free patches. At the end of the month I can collect them all up and re-post them as a Vital bank.

I thought this thread could be limited to free stuff. Producers of commercial patches can have their own threads and thus make a bit more of a fanfare to promote their super sounds.

Vital banks from previous months can be downloaded here:
November 2020 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
December 2020 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
January 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
February 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank


Can I post a .vitalskin? If so:
SlavaRed.vitalskin (16.4 KB)

And here are some presets:
Lazer Knife.vital (245.4 KB)
DoublePsy Bass.vital (171.0 KB)
Far Off Lead.vital (210.1 KB)

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Slapper.vital (619.3 KB)

A few basses sounds in 1 preset via the morph macro.

@jazensounds has posted a free pack (link in the description).


Hi Andrew, thanks for collating these great patches.

FWIW, I have been renaming the vital banks (such as the Jan bank) to;
“Vital Forum Free Patch Sharing Thread 202101” so that they nicely cuddle up to each other in date order!

Best to do it before you favourite any patches, as the renaming will lose that association (as to be expected).


That’s a great idea, I’ll do that right now!

Good tip! If only I had the foresight to do that in the first place :roll_eyes:

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Plumb Screaming Soft Beating.vital (310.7 KB)

Bass for 1 bar or more

Inspired by ‘The Secrets of Dance Music Production’ I have created this Vital Preset to emulate Georgio Moroder’s Moog on the classic Donna Summer track ‘I feel love’. If you want to know more about the technique Moroder used then I recommend their book (I have received no endorsement from them). I hope you enjoy it!

MorodorEXP.vital (142.0 KB)

I’ve added free midi arrpeggio and drums to accompany it on my website below as it works best in a DAW.
Heres the link to everything you need including a video so you can hear it too

thanks Andy

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Basically Acid.vital (170.6 KB)

Here’s a preset that helps explain the classic acid sound. I’ve been working a lot with creating filters in c++ and wanted to create one that sounded like this preset (or also the digital filter with full drive). It is recreated using a regular lowpass filter (and a lot of resonance) and then some saturation on the output. The saturation on the end exaggerates the resonance and creates this really interesting series of resonances, resulting in the acid sound.

If you’re interested in all the dsp side of things, in my code I used a biquad low pass and some tanh saturation. I haven’t experimented with other types of distortion yet but I’m happy to be able to prototype everything in Vital!

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PD SilentGlide.vital (845.2 KB)

Just a mellow pad.


Birds&Water.vital (1.1 MB) Clarinet.vital (1.5 MB)

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@otto-auch has posted several cinematic patches

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@nacho made a doctor who daleks voice patch

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@MadR posted a granular synth vital template patch

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Subway Sally 2.vital (245.9 KB)
Delerium Pulse.vital (204.1 KB)

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cyber chaos drop.vital (330.6 KB)

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FM Drive Chaos.vital (619.3 KB)

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Emotive Pad.vital (380.8 KB)

Trying my first Patch post. Excuse my newbieness! Thank you!

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Bellism.vital (1.4 MB)
Cello 1a.vital (181.8 KB)
Harpsichord 1a.vital (156.6 KB)
Solo training.vital (59.7 KB)
Cheap flute 2.vital (181.0 KB)

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