Turn Vital into a Granular Synthesizer!

Turn Vital into a powerful Granular Synthesizer using this Synth Preset Pack

  • Includes Two Granular Synthesizer presets (1 Sample Granulizer) (3 Sample Granulizer)
  • Comes with Four different Step LFOs

Vital Granulizer.zip (445.4 KB)

[1] Use the Macros to control the Sample (Start) (Length) (Time) (Smooth)
[2] Use the Step LFOs to control the amount of Sample Grains.

[3] Use your creativity to adjust the rest!

(Extra / Help)
*Make sure to add samples to oscillator using Pitch Splice for best results.
*Granular Synthesis can create amazing and creative textures / atmospheres / noise
*Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated (:


Tips and Tricks / Samples will be posted here in the future (:

Thanks for sharing this! I Was messing around with one of your templates. You can get some interesting results by changing the LFO to some random shape. I took your template, changed the LFO, slapped on some filters, effects and ended up with this. Not sure if it’s usable but I was having a lot of fun with it!

Something Grainy and Comby.vital (311.0 KB)

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Thank you! XD It sounds good!!