[Collection] Cinematic

Maybe we can start creating & collecting patches by some categories!?

I think in this category there will be some patches which could be split into other categories, but on the other side it might be still nice to have them* together.


  • Strings, Choirs, Impacts, Pulses, Short Drones and FX sounds.

An Enoding 2 (Howard Scarr Tribute).vital (160.1 KB) Choir alike - best played above middle C
Lyrical Strings 3.vital (454.8 KB)
Solo Mid 2 Hi Strings.vital (379.7 KB)
Tri Square Mid 2 Hi Strings.vital (325.6 KB)
Gathering in the Black Forest 3.vital (278.9 KB) something beetween Impact & FX - play with the Pitchwheel


doctor who daleks voice patch by @nacho

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