Make LFOs not retrigering on each new note

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to make an LFO continue from its current curve position, instead of retrigering itself on every new note (key press) ?
Maybe this is a simple thing to do, but I couldn’t find anything related in LFO settings.

Thank you in advance

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Kinda. If you use Vital in a DAW, then choose the sync option.
There’s been similar posts on the forum, which you might find useful:

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Yes I am using Vital 1.08 in Ardour. I’ll give it a try later.
The sync option does not work in standalone Vital where I design my sounds, unfortunately…
Thanks Andrew. And also for the links.

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Yes, it does. In Standalone the tempo is set by time, but the Sync functions the same in DAW and Standalone. In Standalone, you just need to work out the relationship of time and tempo. A delay calculator will give you the settings.

I see.

Thanks Stephen for the tip. Also for the calculator, nice finding :slight_smile:
The sync option works as expected in both vst and standalone version. The problem I’m facing right now, is I cannot make the LFO act like an Envelope without re-triggering.

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There is “Envelope” mode for the LFOs.

Yes I know. But if i press some notes on the keyboard, the LFO starts at the beginning. I don’t want this. I want the LFO to continue from its current position to the end.
I guess this behaviour is not implemented in Vital… yet. Or am I missing something?

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Try “Loop Point” or “Loop Hold” and it might be more of what you need. The slider along the bottom of the LFO sets the point.

Also, one LFO can modulate another LFO…

Well… If i press a key (note) for too long, this is what happens.

With “Loop Point” the LFO starts from the beginning, completes on full cycle and then repeats the subsequent cycles starting from the Point set.

With “Loop Hold” the LFO starts from the beginning and cycles up to the Point set every time.

But both these options re-trigger the LFO (means, make it start from the beginning, not its current position) on every new short note, played repeatedly. So it’s not what I want. I’ve literally try every available option. None of them works.

Anyways… Thank you Stephen for all the tips and your patience to help.
Let’s hope Matt will implement this feature, in some of the next versions of Vital.


So basically what you need is a Free-running LFO, an LFO that starts running when you load the patch, and stops when you close Vital or change the patch, and does NOT respond to notes on/off.
That is indeed not possible in the standalone.
You could make a shortcut to an Ardour project that only loads 1 Vital for the time being.

An LFO that starts running when I press a key, stays at some reached position when I release the key, continues from that position when I press another key, and so on… and stops when reaches the end (in Envelope mode). I remember I could do this in Zebra 2 long time ago, but I can’t remember the details…

This is indeed a different thing. when does it (LFO) know when to restart ?
After it reaches the end ?
Then the next keypress will start it again ?

Yes, that’s the idea

I’ve never seen one of those in the wild…:smiley:

Have you ever worked with Zebra 2 ?
I think It had this option somewhere… I don’t remember well, it’s been a couple of years since I used it

No never worked with Zebra 2 , but knowing Urs Heckman he probably included it.
It really is a modular kind of thing, when the gate is high (key pressed) advance the envelope, when gate is low (key off) pause envelope.

Vital is not a conventional synth in my opinion. It resembles Modulars in many ways… Without knowing the programming details behind all these, let’s hope Matt will include it too (alongside with other improvements, e.g ĹP and HP filters 6 db, Filters that sent directly to the output and not only to the effects section e.t.c)

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Thanks for the nice discussion, and let us hope Matt will include the improvements.

OK thank you. Bye!

Seems it has been fixed. Or well, at least that now, voice modulators don’t seem to interact with global modulators.
I was trying to use a frozen LFO as a single modulator for velocity scaling everything an envelope was modulating, and just like 10 days ago it didn’t work, every new note triggered the envelope for every note that was pressed, while now it works the way I expected it to.

I discuss this idea around 5.30 of this video