Make LFOs not retrigering on each new note

Thank you

But how do I get the fixed version? Matt hasn’t announce a new release yet as far as I know. I use Vital in Linux (Ubuntu 21.04) btw.

P.S Your videos are awesome, and definitely deserve more views. I like watching tutorials from people who know their stuff. Professionals who know what they are doing, like yourself. Nowadays everyone with a mic and a camera can upload sound design tutorials on YouTube. Difficult for a beginner like me to know which of these videos are based on well established sound design principles, and which are just experiments, just pushing the buttons, moving the sliders and we have sound… Anyway, I learn something new from everyone…

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Thank you very much for the appreciation :slight_smile:
I honestly don’t know if a new version has been released or what other strange thing has happened, what I know is that it used to work one way, when I first thought of that frozen LFO as a workaround for amplitude mapping, I found out as I mentioned it didn’t work, now, since I have auto update enabled, when I first tried to shoot that video, I was about to point out it didn’t work… and to my surprise it did work :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I can’t really advise you on how to update the synth, but being you a linux geek, I’m quite sure you have all the tech skills needed for the task

I haven’t changed anything else in my setup, and I doubt anything but an update, as small as it might be could change this thing… or who knows.

Unfortunately “professional” means someone who makes good money out of what they do, and I don’t have such luxury, I don’t really always know what I’m doing, but I try to make sense of things, treasure experience and program synths as deterministically as I can, I hope people can get something from it… and I really hope I can get more views and subscribers :smiley:

Then there must be some update of your OS that solved the problem. No update for the synth itself, which is at version 1.08 for sometime now :frowning: Anyway …

You are doing a fantastic job explaining the more advanced concepts of sound synthesis - the dark side of the synths. People need good content, and they surely can find it in your videos.

To me professional is also someone who has studied his object and knows it well, so he knows what he is talking about. Unfortunately in my country Greece, (we are neigbours you know - if I got your accent right you are Italian, right?), the music industry is in crisis, and you can see many professionals waiting in an empty studio for hours, for some client to appear for recording…

Views and subscribers will increase in time, I’ve no doubt. Just keep doing, your thing…

Thank you so much

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Just had to jump in and say I agree - @platipo’s videos are absolutely the best!

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I was thinking the same just the other day. I was working on a Vital Preset and thought it would look cool if the GUI actually had patch chords that could kind of “hang” over the interface to quickly show modulation assignments. The virtual patch chords could have a show/hide toggle.

That is a brilliant idea! With maybe some indication of the direction of modulation.
It would resemble like u-he’s ACE or Bazille. But I think this needs a tremendous amount of work and a whole new design…

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Thanks. I like Vital as it is, but just “saw” that. I’m not a modular person and find it slow and finicky to work with, but Vital modulations can get complex. The Mod Matrix is great, but “hanging wires” would help show the routings. Maybe in some distant release it will evolve this way?

Take care. :slight_smile: