LFOs, Amp Envelops

  1. In Vital 1.0.0 the “set start point” doesn’t work in LFO sync mode, the Loop point mode and Loop sustain mode.

  2. When amp attack is set to 0 and release is set to 0, there are often clicks and pops. When set both a bit higher these are no more there.

Set start point when in sync mode will begin that point when the “Loop” happens. e.g. the beginning of a song. If the song isn’t currently playing it’ll behave like a free running LFO.

The Loop point mode actually uses that setting to loop back and not to begin. Similarly with Loop sustain.

The clicking is intentional and used in a lot of sound design for percussive sounds. There’s a ton of resolution in the early settings of the attack/release knob so you can set this to get the transient you want. If you don’t want click but want it fast the default will work.

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