Free running LFOs and RANDOM

imho we need the LFOs and Random to also be able to be free running
and also running without being triggered or being dependent of being triggered

like for example for wobbly delays and alike

maybe i am missing something here…it’s 5oclock in the morning
and i can’t see the magic switch :wink:
if not, imho it would be nice if not a necessary addition :wink:


Everything stops running when env 1 release reaches zero, so the workaround would be to make that long enough to last for the whole decay of your wobbly delay, and use env 2 instead to control the volume of your oscillators


+1 for free running LFO’s . I bought this synth for PWM on all waveforms … so It would be nice to be able to do proper PWM letting my triangles and sines run the whole shape .

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I had the same experience. I looked for hours for a way to avoid the reset of the modulators at the beginning of a pattern/song.
Having free running “everything” would open a world of possibilities, especially in the field of generative music, and also to create less repetitive modulation textures for pads.
I use also Pigments, and that feature is gold, with the addition of 3 random engines, among which a Turing generator. Vital has Lorenz . Good reason for me to use both synths. I was expecting the free running feature, given that it is possible to set the tempo in seconds, which in most cases will cause the modulator to fall out of sync… so something is off… but maybe I still do not understand how to get out of Vital, what I’d like. In that case, please educate me! :smile:
This said, I hope that someone here will say: have you seen that button down there, that enables the free running modulators… ? :grin:


If you set the LFO to sync it runs free as far as i understand?

With the tempo set in seconds, it does, until it gets to the pattern or song end. As the pattern or song starts over, Vital instead of letting the modulator ignore the playhead position, in sync mode, it resets it, therefore the modulator jumps suddenly from where it was, to zero, creating often an unwanted audible effect. This is also visible in the modulator’s displays.
I do not know if this is an issue that occurs in all DAWS or only in FL.

but when played polyphoniocally the LFOs are synced
so alltogether playing at the very same phase
making it sound like just 1 LFO aka paraphonoic
which imho is not that great…

imho and to my taste, when played polyphonically
each and every voice should hearable have its own dedicated LFO
at a free running randomn phase

should be able to throw a filter into self oscillation and put a free running LFO on the cutoff and it function instead of depending on the envelope1 and a midi note input.