July 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread

Post your free Vital patches here!

I thought it might be useful (for new users especially) to have a single place to find free patches. At the end of the month I can collect them all up and re-post them as a Vital bank.

I thought this thread could be limited to free stuff. Producers of commercial patches can have their own threads and thus make a bit more of a fanfare to promote their super sounds.

Vital banks from previous months can be downloaded here:
November 2020 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
December 2020 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
January 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
February 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
March 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
April 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
May 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank
June 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank


Wind SFX

Wind SFX.vital (2.2 MB)

SFX Bass

SFX Bass.vital (504.9 KB)


Frequency.vital (389.5 KB)

Radio Station Frequency

Radio Station Frequency.vital (1.7 MB)

Multi Key Piano

Multi Key Sound Piano.vital (276.1 KB)

Alien Sound

Alien Sound.vital (2.3 MB)

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Sub Subfocus.vital (394.9 KB) reez classic 3.vital (341.8 KB) Sub Subfocus 2.vital (394.9 KB) 80s retro.vital (320.2 KB) reez classic 2.vital (341.8 KB) Smear Peu.vital (320.2 KB) reez classic.vital (341.6 KB)

Electric Piano

Electric Piano.vital (159.8 KB)

Noise Keys

Noise Keys.vital (943.1 KB)

Horn Synth Combination

Horn Synth Combination.vital (437.4 KB)

SFX Alien Synth

SFX Alien Synth.vital (1.0 MB)


FreqSynth.vital (3.0 MB)

Siren.vital (170.2 KB)
I’m just learning sound design

So, I made two patches based on a synced pulse wave I sampled from a Moog Prodigy a couple of years ago. Feel free to extract the wavetables from the patches, if you’re so inclined… :wink:
Prodigal Pad.vital (1.0 MB) PulseFormantLead.vital (60.4 KB)

BASS of DOOM.vital (2.0 MB)
i made my own bass synth for the first time

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My new skin, Promethium (a copy of Serum’s Promethium skin)

Promethium.vitalskin (11.5 KB)

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Fine Synth

Fine Synth.vital (1.7 MB)

Electronic Whistle

Electronic Whistle.vital (2.3 MB)

BitFreq Synth

BitFreq Synth.vital (320.8 KB)

SlowMo Synth

SlowMo Synth.vital (170.3 KB)

@Databroth has just posted a free vital bank with 20 presets and 7 wavetables following his stream running through the bank’s creation.


Ghost Syndicate shared a free bank of 10 bass Vital presets suitable for Dubstep, Drum & Bass and any other styles of Bass Music: https://www.ghostsyndicate.net/free-vital-presets-vol1/

SFX Ufo Noise

SFX Ufo Noise.vital (2.4 MB)