December 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thead

@platipo posted a video with a link to free patches in the video description

I made a Vital preset based on a recording of me hitting a Coke bottle. The method for splitting the source into its noise and tonal aspects and mixing them back together was inspired by @jazensounds video about making a kalimba sound in Vital.
Coke Bottle Percussion.vital (181.0 KB)
(Jazen if you see this, would you mind giving me some tips on how to make this better? I’ll include the original sound and the tonal and noise components below for reference)


Love sounds like this! My recommendation is rather than using a single resonant peak to emphasize the fundamental of the noise, try going for a phaser filter which has multiple peaks like this and offers a more complex tone. My go to value to get it in tune is the cutoff at 45.46 with keytrack all the way up. I usually will play with resonance values somewhere between 95-100% (you can even automate this with an envelope!). I attached a version of this with some of the tweaks I mentioned. coke bottle pluck.vital (277.7 KB)

Wow, I really appreciate your quick response! I love what you’ve done with the preset, but I also think it’s too kalimba-like compared to the original recording of the bottle hit. I also started over with modeling the sound and tried to get things to sound more true to the original recording and I think I’ve succeeded with that. The preset is now called “bottle pluck”

Bottle Pluck.vital (279.7 KB)

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Some recent patches I’ve made:
Random Patches.vitalbank (3.2 MB)

Good news, people who need some kick drums for their songs!
I am making a pack of kick drums, anyone can have them for free.
The pack is not finished however, there are still many more kicks to make.
So here is a beta pack, enjoy!

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Hello Everyone, here’s a new Free glitch Idm experimental patch.
Demo :
Direct download :

Here’s some sounds I made. Might be useful to someone! Cats On Catnip.vitalbank (6.3 MB)

Ok as soon as it is Christmas I will share one of my Vital Cinematic patches currently unreleased.

I am playing around with some standard modulation stuff but the effect is quite impressive. This patch is called “industry” and was remade in one of my latest YouTube videos which you can find just searching my name.

Any how please enjoy the sound design and it s great place to reverse engineer to see how it is made or you can just check out the video too :sunglasses:

Merry Christmas Everyone and here is to another year with Vital. And by the sounds of things some big updates too from @Tytel coming in 2022.


SEQ Industry DH.vital (571.7 KB)

a long evolving ammbient sound:
distorted autochord.vital (297.5 KB)
every keypress sounds a little different due to a phaser-offset randomisation

Fifty free presets! Mostly wubby basses if you’re into that.

Here is a compilation (as a Vital Patch Bank) of patches and skins posted to the forum in December 2021: 2021-12 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank

N.B. the vital banks now follow a YYYY-MM naming convention when downloaded and imported into Vital. If you have downloaded previous Free Patch Sharing Thread vital banks and want to rename them to follow the new naming convention, you can find instructions here .

Patches were contributed to the forum by the following forum members:

Skins were contributed to the forum by the following forum members:

If I have missed anyone out, or anyone would like their patches/skins removed from this compilation bank, please let me know.

In addition to these patches:
@hedcanonmusic posted 50 free presets

@carl.caulkett is maintaining an archive of patches posted onto discord.
@josi.ayensa maintains (and contributes to) an online repository of vital patches
@michael.witwicki maintains a free Preset Sharing Site

Got patches to share? Want to find more patches? Then look for other monthly patch sharing threads :slight_smile:

Please don’t post any more patches to this thread. Thanks.

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@andrew_a thanks for the time and effort you put into this. I’m sure I am not the only one appreciating it.


Thanks again and Happy New Year 2022. All the best :slight_smile:

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Are you no longer collecting monthly patches? :frowning_face:

Hi @korgmusic - Yes, I’ve decided to stop.

There are some ideas on doing something new (see the above thread).
All the best.

Is there any way to save the Skins folder in Vital?

I’m not sure what you mean by “save the skins folder” - can you explain a bit more what you’d like to do.

I meant, in which folder do I save skins so they will be shown directly in Vital.
But never mind. I figured it out. I have to make a skins folder in User file. Thanks.

This is my channel, I teach sound design exclusively with Vital, you can find free sound banks as well as download all the presets I design. I hope you find my content useful!

I leave a sample of the sounds that I design