Latest free patch sharing thread vitalbank

Happy New Year to everyone on the forum.

Just to say that I’ve justed posted a link to December’s free patch sharing thread vitalbank.

Also to say that I’ve decided to stop “curating” the monthly free patch sharing thread. (For the time being I will continue to host the vitalbanks I’ve previously uploaded onto my Google Drive).

Perhaps someone else feels like taking the free patch sharing thread on?

Wishing everyone a safe and creative 2022.


We appreciate your past curation, thanks again.

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What if it got turned into a monthly ‘competition’ where participants submit patches following a specific prompt or theme? (Non themed presets would also be welcomed)

I’d be happy to host something like this!


That sounds fun! What kind of ideas do you have for prompts?

Something like ‘create a cinematic bass plugin that utilizes all 8 LFO’s’ or ‘create a complete drumkit entirely within vital’ or anything really along those lines. I haven’t fleshed out the idea entirely, but if I was to start anything it would be in February.

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That sounds more like a programming challenge than a creative audio challenge to me, but that might be what you’re going for?

I’d be more inclined to participate with prompts more open for interpretation. Some examples could be “Happy Easter Egg”, “Bloody Hacksaw” and such. My reason for this is simply that more open prompts leaves less room for people being whiny about something being outside the scope of the challenge, which makes the challenge more inclusive. :slight_smile:

I suppose there’s no reason why the challenges couldn’t be a blend of both, with some inspirational prompts and some limitations added to it for special creds. :smiley:

I’ve had some more time to think and I’ve decided to have, like you mentioned, to do general prompts that leave the exploration to the participants, ex: “Make a patch that describes an alien environment”.

I’d like to keep the spirit of the ‘free patch sharing thread’ in that it’s open to everyone and anyone can submit stuff, but also give some inspiration and incentive for people to practice their sound design.

I’ll be detailing some more stuff about the compo in a future topic!


By the way - Big thanks to you @andrew_a for all the work over all the time!


Hello! I have been a lurker here on the forum since day one, and I have loved the free patch sharing threads. I’m very sad to see them disappear, and after thinking about it for a while, I’m more than happy to commit to running the free patch thread for at least 6 months trial run. I have alternate hosting available, but I would need a few day to get everything set up.

I’m also a new user according to the forum, so I have the new user restrictions. I would rathe have the January thread created by a familiar face with an announcement of a change of faces, assuming you’re ok with me taking it on? Would you @andrew_a be willing to create a new thread, and let me take over the project?


Hi Evan
Great to hear that you’re happy to take this on.

Would you @andrew_a be willing to create a new thread, and let me take over the project?

Yes of course. I’ve created a new thread: January 2022 Free Patch Sharing Thread

I’ll drop you a line in a couple of days to share my process (in case it’s useful).
All the best.

EDIT: I see no reason why new initiatives (such as those being discussed on this thread) can’t co-exist with the free patch sharing thread :slight_smile:

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We should definitely have a monthly prompt! The monthly thread gives a good place for those random patches from the forum crowd, but part of why I haven’t submitted much is because I don’t have a good motivation to make patches. A monthly thread with a prompt would be a great way to inspire some good sound design.

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