Where to Buy Presets?

Hey there just checking if there is any update on the release of the preset store? Just listened to the mr. bill podcast where he seemed to allude to us being able to purchase his preset packs but I haven’t been able to find the preset store and I believe the last time I did so on release it was empty and other forum posts from December seem to affirm this.

I don’t know about the preset store, but right now you can buy presets from certain authors with factory or subscribers content. Search for an author, open a preset, and a green button will appear in the preset browser giving you the option to buy more presets from that author.

I just got the two packs from @Kyurumi because of the quality of their work and their generosity at A small 30 preset pack. :slight_smile:

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cool the store definitely has more going on then the last time I checked, thanks for the help!

Yeah if you go to https://account.vital.audio/store you can see what’s currently available. Most of the packs are included in Pro / Plus packs but there are a few from other designers like Mr. Bill.

I’m going to make some announcements about the store once I get a few more designer packs on there!


Thank you! Yesterday I was looking for such link to post it here but I couldn’t find it.


it´s not that i have stuff people would pay for, but i´m curious what are the conditions to be choosen to sell in the store.

Some info about that would be nice.


How to pass to this store to other users like me? )