Soundbank in progress. need info for Discord. Thanks :)

Greetings. I am working on a commercial soundbank. Well, commercial but with a small price :slight_smile: . My questions is: are here any moderatos from Discord Vital channel? I would like to know If I can put there audio demos of the patches I am working on, or there are allowed only the free preset sharing?

The soundbank is in cinematic, ambient, electronic style.

Many thanks


Why not asking your question directly in the Discord channel?

because usually there i get response from other users, and not from admins… I wrote 2 message to Matt in the last 3 weeks i think, and he never replied to any of them… so, discord, although it should be faster for communication, to me it, when it comes to matt or admins, it seems that they are pretty busy, or have other businesses :smiley:

the comunication with usual users is great, but with the dev not so great until now

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Matt said this in another tread.

Don´t know where you plan to sell your presets, just want to say he´s probably busy with bugfixes and making vital work with all diffrent daws and computers.
And when this is done, maybe there will be more time for other things like user questions.

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I have no doubt that he is very busy… and I do not expect fast responses… but to ask something, and no reply after 2-3 weeks. Nevemind, I will figure it out eventually :smiley:

Have a great sunday man, and thanks for your time :wink:

I’m not an admin or a developer, and this advice can be applied to Discord and anything… First, a lot of people are sharing audios from presets in Discord and here. Second, if you ask there openly and nobody objects, then you cannot do wrong if you post the audios. Just like anywhere else, you just need to be mindful and not become a spammer. You asking there and here shows that you are trying to do things right, and this is mainly what counts.

Only reading all the comments generated in Discord and here takes quite a bit of time. Imagine responding too. If the “developer workforce” is thin (one person) then the developer time is better invested developing. Answering questions in community spaces can be done by others (as some are doing here and in Discord). :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks man… I asked because on Discord I saw usually people share audio demo and also the vital patch of that audio. And you understand why, being a comercial bank I can only share the audio :smiley:

Have a great evening