A small 30 preset pack

Hello everyone, Kyurumi here, I wanted to share this here so people could actually see them a little more and so possibly learn from some presets I’ve been making, I mainly focus on Glitch and with a futuristic approach to some sort, so I wanted to make some small bank which kinda reflects it :>

I hope everyone enjoys it and make sure to check with the macros and descriptions (vitalbank. and .zip) + Extra WTs if anyone wants to check (Warning: It might have some sort of redlining in some presets)

Kyurumi’s Presets - memory.code


This stuff is pretty mind-boggling. You did go quite bonkers on the effects. :star_struck:

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Thank you, I did go quite well a bit too overboard with them but usually It gives a ton of character to the sound and overall filtering sometimes, I hope some of the tricks I do in these sounds help others when making some interesting patch if they want :smiley:


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thank you! I am learning by studying your patches


Sorry for this basic question. After importing the vitalbank file… what do we do with the other two zip folders? Save them as subfolders of the vitalbank folder?

Thank you Kyurumi for your work. I have checked everything from you that came from… (the factory content? the subscribers content? both?) and I have starred many of your presets to play with them in the future.

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They are in both formats depending on how comfortable you are to install the pack if either importing or just doing it manually with the zip and stuff, also np :>

I have done some of the factory library and I think Tytel is adding stuff also that comes for subscribers, I’m quite happy people enjoy these, more is coming in the future as well, this is just something I’ve done to overall practice and get better at my own sound design

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like your presets very much. Never used FX much before is saw your work.

now i made this:

let me know if you like it. :robot:

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I really like this c: , it sounds kinda like something for a horror movie set in space, probably like for an Alien movie or something I would hear in Promethius or Covenant, very wide and bassy and pretty much sets the atmosphere, thank you for sharing this, I might use this in a future

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nice to hear you like it!

Krel(user from here) made an ufo pad, i added some beeping, resynthesized it to wavetable and this came out. wasn´t planed too sound dark.

tried to make a more space like sounding version, but it got even darker :crazy_face:

would be fun to make a movie soundtrack.

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@Kyurumi you went bonkers on the fx lol, this is high pogchamp presets


@Kyurumi thank you so much for your presets!!! I used a few of them in this video game song I recently did and am planning on using many, many more!