Vital 1.5 public release

There’s a thread about that. Matt was “out” due to personal stuff until April’23. Hopefully he’s back and everything right.

Hope to see an update soon where it is possible to select the same effect more than once and hopefully also have more FX slots. It would create way more options for sound design :slight_smile:

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Just curious: what features can we expect in the nearest update and when it’s going to be released?


I’m also curious. When will this version be considered out of beta, or no longer an Early Access?

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If you look at Matt Tytels last post, he had to take a break for a while for personal reasons (which I hope we all understand). But he didn’t state anything about his plans to continue development. Would also be curious what the current state is.

Edit: The poster below pointed out that Matt very likely did state that he’s working on Vital.

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  • 1 to this. Would love to know the state of Vital and where’s heading to. However, he did mention he’s still working on Vital

I think he meant ‘ON’ not AND.

But, in any case, would love to see what’s next. When is 1.5 getting out of beta, lots of things before we can have a safer roadmap upon us. Or, at least a confirmation that it’s still under development


For now it looks more like abandoned project, tbh.

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Matt confirmed in April he’s is still working on the project and had to take time away for personal reasons.
Abandoned seems a bit dramatic, no?

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I see where’s @Igro is coming from. It’s not abandoned, but it seems paused for sure.
As you said @LarryHotbottoms, Matt took a break due to personal issues, but when you’re a one-man band, and you take a break for such a long time, I see where @Igro comes from…

It’s the solopreneur dilemma

I agree - I just think many people misunderstand the actual work involved in creating and maintaining a project this large. Vital would be an impressive product even coming from a multinational corporation with hundreds of devs



I just came back to check on any progress. I have to agree with Igro, it feels like Vital should be classified as abandoned now.

There are still people reporting problems with the latest version so that rules it out as a finished product.

Shame as it’s a great synth when it’s working and it had so much potential.

The difference is that “hundreds of devs” would have fixed the bugs by now.

To think a ‘finished’ software product has no further issues, bugs, or glitches is absurd. Even hundreds of devs can’t save you from that. The irony.

I dunno could just be me, but I see a lot of people making demands and assumptions about Matt and his time, and I don’t think that helps the community in any way.


He s a genius ! This is the best , and its free if you like ! Think i m jumping of a cliff .

Interesting, if the development goes suddenly further after the Serum 2 release))

I’m probably a little late to the party, but I’m just popping in to make you aware that Vital is crashing Reaper as soon as I attempt to open the GUI. Works fine with playback if the plugin is never opened. I found this to be the case with VSTi, VST3, and CLAPi versions. Running Windows 10. Here is a link to the crash dump file if it could be any help.

I’m just going to roll back to the latest version that works for my set up and check back in later on.
I love this synth though, I must say. I had a hard time getting into wavetable synths prior to using Vital, now its my go-to for whatever tickles my fancy.

So thank you, Matt, for devoting so much of your time and energy to creating such a fantastic synth for the community.


what happens if you run vital as a separate process or dedicated process etc?

People are still reporting issues with 1.5.5 (see the one posted above this) and if they paid for a product and received an obviously faulty product then they have a right to be demanding. Would you buy any other product and if it’s faulty then say “I guess they don’t have time to fix it” and just take the loss without pushing back?

When Matt offered products for sale it became a business and then there is an obligation to serve your paying customers. If you can’t run a business then shut it down and stop accepting payments. He’s still accepting payments for a faulty product.

I think it’s highly likely that 90% of the user base are freeloaders and I’ve said it from day one that releasing the nearly uncrippled free version was a mistake.

I have nothing at all against Matt and wish him the best but the way he has been handling things is unacceptable.

Sorry that’s harsh but such is the nature of reality.

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I’ve been paying the subscription based on faith in Matt. There are business models where this could work with it being free, but they all require a team that is fully engaged, not a talented solopreneur.

I’ve no idea what Matt’s dealing with in his private life, but no question the community needs his leadership and the business needs either his attention or recruiting a team willing to take on the responsibility of promoting his vision.

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I’m running an older macOS 13.6 (rock solid, and hardware maxed out, can’t upgrade) and the new 1.5.5 flickers so bad that I can’t look at it. Tried it at various zoom levels, but no good.

I suspect that it’s because my build of macOS (and the video card) do not support ‘metal’ rendering. If there’s anything I can do to help, or test, let me know. Happy to assist, or provide access to the machine so you can see it.

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