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Is there any way to modify the crossover points? Assuming not, but would be great if you could…

I don’t believe there is. You could post a request in the feature request category.

on the second osc modulation knob (where fm is) when a mode from sync to pulse is choosen, there apears “Distortion Phase Slider”.

didn´t see other people use this much, probably it´s easy to overlook.

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you can connect MIDI to switch on/off a lot of stuff.

for example: osc, smp, filter, legato, fx modules (stuff in fx modules f.e. delay modes), modulation and stero in matrix, note track and unison stack in advanced.

probably usefull for live play.

as english is not my native language i´m not sure if i understand everything correctly.

tried to rebuild this, when you decrese delay time (with macro) threshold goes down?

for pads or what kind of sounds you use this stuff? share some pls :nerd_face:

Here’s a patch that randomly triggers envelopes. More a proof of concept than something actually useful, but I guess you could find some use for it.Random Triggers.vital (170.6 KB)

Thanks, the concept of the threshold is interesting.

if you set an lfo to freeze and map the threshold to lfo speed, it does not auto trigger after 4 sec like with env delay. when you use the threshold on pressure mod and set lfo to sync you can trigger multiple times. but it get stuck when you release pressure at the wrong time.

this is what i tried so far.
hey how’s it going dudes, i’m still fairly new to sound design but i still wanted to contribute to making presets for the community n stuffs… feed back would be greatly appreciated.

and if you guys do use my sounds i’d love to hear what you did with them!! :heart:

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@kal thanks for sharing. hope i find some time to check them soon.

there is a special thread for preset sharing.

we are trying to a write community manual. would be nice if some join in and add just one or two simple things.

@vcvr oh my bad dude! i was kinda half asleep when i posted the lil pack on here… i didnt notice i was on the incorrect thread. :sweat_smile:

no problem :upside_down_face:

More on Vital’s compressor (via Discord)



Alt & Click you can move the points and they won’t snap to the grid

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Re. Resynthesize to wavetable - I’ve read elsewhere that 4 seconds is what you want for your LFO.


Click at Analyser will switch to Spectral Analyse. Nice :+1:t2:

Shift + Click hold and move or just shift + scroll with mousewheel for octaves.

Click on the number - in the Matrix - will mute the modulation. :ok_hand:t3:

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With Strg you could adjust the parameters with small steps.

If you are in the LFO section you can change the grid with Alt + Mousewheel.

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does that really work? tried it and couldn’t work it out

if you click and drag someting ctrl/strg for fine tuning works.

x grid changes just with mouswheel no alt needed.

but i noticed if you hold ctrl it activates brush and mousewheel scrolls through the different brushes.

@tobi, then i noticed you ment a different post. :upside_down_face:
yes just right click on lfo, choose copy, right click on osc window and choose paste.

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