Tips, Tricks and "Secret" Functions!

does that really work? tried it and couldn’t work it out

if you click and drag someting ctrl/strg for fine tuning works.

x grid changes just with mouswheel no alt needed.

but i noticed if you hold ctrl it activates brush and mousewheel scrolls through the different brushes.

@tobi, then i noticed you ment a different post. :upside_down_face:
yes just right click on lfo, choose copy, right click on osc window and choose paste.

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oh sry you meant OSC window, i don’t know why but i’ve read ENV window lol

Yes no need for Alt - but can’t edit my post!?
But for me both work so it doesn’t activate brush… but yeah if you don’t need it, why use it. :wink:

edit function gets deactivated after a certain amount of time as far as i know.

Yes, thanks.

It also works on an old windows 7 laptop !! Thanks bro!!

if you hold a key (works with multiple keys too) and then open snap window, the note keeps playing when you release the key. so you don´t need to hold the key while working on arpeggios or other stuff. (only works with computer keyboard for me, not with midi device.)

stop the note with ESC.

tried if ESC works as panic button, but it didn´t work.
(@Tytel is there a panic button? if not, could ESC be used for all notes off?)

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very true!

Yeah escape seems like a good hot key for that. Will make a note to do that.

Wavetable Editor explained…I just created this for my latest video and thought someone might find it useful so I thought I would share it…

You might want to right click and save to your desktop :slight_smile:



You can use a frozen LFO as a polyphonic “dummy” modulator, which imho offers quite a bunch of possibilities not otherwise easily accessible; I made a simple example in this video around the 5.00 mark

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I just accidentally discovered this and it BLEW MY MIND! (Did a quick search and didn’t see it mentioned anywhere. Apologies if this is old hat.)

We all know you can drag a modulator (LFO, ENV, etc.) onto a parameter to have the modulation control that parameter.

However, if you grab the modulator and drag it around the interface it will apply that modulation to whatever parameter you are hovering over! So holding down a key allows you to preview what that modulation will do to your sound.

What a great way to play with sound design and experiment with different modulations without assigning parameters, then deleting assignments, etc.



I’m very new to this, but I watched a video with Databroth showing this exact thing. I’m really inexperienced at synths, but Vital feels like it has all sorts of things like this, it seems you can drag anything anywhere, and then modulate it, and create all sorts of things that are well beyond my understanding!


Also the mouse wheel seems to work on everything, so you don’t need to click and drag to change something

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Any way to add harmonics at a specific frequency?

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I know you can add individual harmonics in the wavetable editor, but I’m not sure if it tells you which ones you’ve added. Hope this helps!

SOOOO HELPFUL! :purple_heart: