Envelopes triggered by modulators going over a threshold

This is for the modular logic lovers out there.

Lets say a modulator for example Sample n Hold goes over the zero crossing and triggers a “note on” effect for a chosen envelope and then starts a release stage when under.

Can it be done?
Can a user defined threshold set the triggering function?

I have worked out how to trigger envelopes (assuming you don’t want to wait more than 4 seconds into the note for it to trigger). Set that Envelope’s delay to maximum (I.e. 4 seconds), and map your triggering variable to modulate that back down to zero. Then draw a Mod Remap curve that’s basically a flat line at zero to the threshold, and max afterwards. The Envelope will be in a wait state until the threshold is hit, then will start.

You can also do this with LFOs, and I think it works better as you can get them to reset back to the waitstate by syncing to tempo.

The Mod Remap curves are awesome and in combination with using the Macros as registers, you can get some Boolean logic going.

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