Synced LFOs - continuous animation

I wish the LFOs would animate continuously when they are in sync mode. I think it would make it more visually connected to what is going on. I find it a bit distracting/disconcerting when a synced LFO stops and starts (jumping from position to position) with the notes I’m playing.

This is extremely picky, I know, and I apologize in advance. This is the synth equivalent of a First World Problem.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think you can connect the LFO’s you want to continuously sync to something your not using, like a random nob on a unused filter, and then have a 0 velocity note constantly playing in your track. This wouldn’t really work in the stand alone, but it’s an idea I came up with.

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ok, sending note on with 0 velo does nothing.

note on with velo 1 is full volume.
but if you connect velo to osc volume it works.

Did you turn up your velocity tracking?

no, i turn osc volume to zero, connect velocity to osc 1 and then send note on with velo 1.
but didn´t see this knob before, tried now and it´s easier if you just turn that knob fully up.

think it´s the same both ways, volume of the note is to low to hear it.

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