Tipp: WT Editor: Audio File Source and "Window Size" parameter - What does it actually mean

Damn, I’m so silly and just recently found out the meaning of the “Window Size” parameter.

It’s connected with the sample frequency and the sample rate. Giving an example.
I have a Mellotron Choir Sample.
It has been sampled with 44.1 Khz.
And it has been sampled playing the note A2.

What the heck. Now you can do some computations… I show you with the example.
First look up the frequency for A2 … or you might know it from A4 of 440Hz. It is 110 Hz
So just compute - 44100 Samples/Second : 110 oscillations/second
It gives you: 400,9 samples / oscillation

And guess what - That is exactly the “Windows Size” you have to chose to play your sample back pitched correctly!

And what you see in the screenshot is a Window Size of “400.3”… just a typo of mine.

Any other Window Size will detune it! Check out the Template Patch below.

I haven’t actually check samples where the meta data root note has been set correctly. On any of the samples I have tried Vital did nothing to the Windows-Size and left it to 2048.0. I tried for instance C3 which following my computations would be something like 337 windows size.

Mellotron Choir - Imported Sample.vital (473.3 KB)

Check out the website here to get frequencies of notes: https://www.inspiredacoustics.com/en/MIDI_note_numbers_and_center_frequencies


If you click and drag a sample to the “Pitch Splice” import it will try and figure out the correct window size. If it doesn’t and you know the note you can actually type “C1” in the window size (or another note) and it’ll give you the right sample window size.

If you import it as a “Wavetable”, it will always pick 2048 unless there is some wavetable metadata that says otherwise.


@Tytel Thanks man

Found it! Cool feature, didn’t know that. When dropping the Mellotron sample it gave me a window size of 401.3. I bet this is due to the “instability” of the Mellotron mechanics which are reflected in the sample. Therefore it’s good to be able to check and fix it by hand.

I’ve typed in “A2” and it worked. It gave me a value of 400.0 … it should be 400.90 for my 44.1Khz A2 sample if dealing with decimals, right? Maybe there’s a “floor” in the code, that could be replaced by “round” to get the closest integer which would be 401.0…no big deal, I bet the “0.9” difference will not be audible.

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Hi @Tytel - do you know when you hope to release a manual for Vital? Thanks.

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Hi @Tytel - Can you explain what the “Vocode” option does (compared to the other options listed here) when dragging samples into the Wavetable window - thanks.