Drawing wavetables

I"m trying to figure out how to draw wavetable within Vital. After pressing on the edit wavetable icon I can’t figure out how to redraw the wavetable. Is there a manual that explains this? Thanks.

Hi @petervogl

Alas, still waiting on a manual.
However, there are a number of videos that may help:

There have been some posts on the forum relating to wavetables:

All the best.


thank you for that. I will check out the links

No problem :slight_smile:

There are people here on the forum who I’m sure can answer questions on the wavetable editor, plus there’s the discord server (accessible via the discord icon here https://vital.audio/ - I think it might be a personalised link, i.e. you need to be logged on the site for it to work correctly).

Just a tip: You can hear the changes you make in realtime by playing a note whilst dragging the purple vertical line to “scrub” through the wavetable.

The first link you sent me was the money. Thanks.

Agreed :slight_smile:

I found a video that shows an even easier way where you can literally just draw an LFO and convert it to a wavetable!! I waws super excited to find this! I wonder if you can do this in Serum as well. EASILY Create Custom Wavetables! (Vital Hidden Feature) - YouTube