Resynthesize preset as wavetable

I’m trying to figure out what the optimum settings are for the “resythesize preset as wavetable” option.

I’m using the various warp functions to create new wavetables by modulating them with LFO’s. It ends up creating more repetitions of the LFO cycles than I would preferably like, and once it has been resynthesized there doesn’t seem to be a way to crop the new wavetable to just a single cycle of the modulation. Decreasing the LFO frequency to 2/1 seems to create a single cycle of the automation but it doesn’t sound quite the same even after removing all the warp settings.

I managed to get it right with one wavetable but had to edit it in an external audio editor to get it perfect.

MSSV-Resynth1.vitaltable (459.9 KB)

That is a resynth of NI Massive’s bender wavetable after some warping.

I know the simple solution would be to export to a wave and just re-import that as a wavetable but that seems to defeat the purpose of the resynth option.

If I remember correctly, Matt said on Discord:
Use a ramp up : 4 second.
Set oscillator phase to 0 and pitch to 0.
Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!
Hope it helps.


Yes, I have noticed that the “Resynth” function doesn’t always get it exactly right.

It works nicely for me, but some parameters, like spectral random amp,filters, effects too or unison introduce some phase shift and phase shift have never been a great thing for recording Wt, in Vital or any wt synths.

The Vital wt editor is so powerful and simple to use, I rarely use the resynthesis function.

Do as Yuli.Yolo sais.That is how you doit. Makes the rsnth almost perfect!

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sorry to hijack this thread, but what does this feature exactly do? it does not “catch” a whole preset as wt right?