Text to Wavetable Doesnt Work

Hey There,
i dont know if its because vital is so new and maybe the servers are freaking out or something, but when i try the text to wavetable - function it says me: “Error rendering speech. check internet connection”.
But i have internet connection.

Why is that happening?



I just tried, it worked for me.
Everybody else, in case you are wondering how to try, you need to right-click on the wavetable visualization display (looked it up on youtube).
Yes, maybe a server overload could make it work intermittently (?)

Yes, thats just how i used it, but unfortunatly it doesnt work :frowning:
But maybe i’m not the only one.

I have the same problem it happens in FL and standalone.


I use Ableton, not standalone!
Good to know i’m not the only one :smiley:


I use Ableton as well and it isn’t working for me. Although my internet has been pretty bad as of late so that might be contributing to the problem.

Are you all on Mac or Windows ?

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I am on Windows

Windows for me ive rebooted the pc and set vital to admin rights but it still doesnt work im at a loss.

Text to wavetable doesn’t seem to be listed on the free version, is this correct?

It is. But only with limitations, as far as i know.

Hmm, it seemed to be listed as “with limitations” on the download link before release.
Now if you look at the basic and plus versions the option is removed.

I am using Ableton Live 10 and cannot use the text to wavetable "“Error rendering speech. check internet connection”

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Same for me.
Did you buy Vital?

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Hmmm TTWT is working here with the “In the Mix” Plus version. Are you all logged in to your Vital accounts ? I believe you need to be to use the TTWT feature.

There seems to be some confusion whether that feature is included with the free version. Someone said it’s not but someone else said they are able to create a text wavetable with the free version. Would be nice to get some clarification.


No, i am trying the basic version.

free version for me till i get paid friday lol but yeah im logged in.

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and text-to-wavetable does not work

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Mhh, very interesting!
I dont have a problem purchising Vital, but i thought it would be (with limitations) on the free version.


Before Release i have seen videos, that it should be as said with limitations available for free users, even if no one knew what kind of limitations its going to be, but as i said, maybe its actually just some kind of server problems.


I think i seen the limitation was 5 uses per day for free users but i might be mistaken.