Text to speech error

Already on the bug board but need a quick resolution to the “internet connection not found” bug. Not firewall blocking it… Error in stand-alone and in presonus Studio One. Using Windows 10 (up to date).

hi same here I am logged in on the plug in and internet is running but i get a “error rendering speech. check internet connection” when trying to input text

In the Plus version, I read that there was a limit of 5 text to wavetable runs per day (unlimited in Pro). I don’t think it’s available in the free version. Does this info help at all?
I just tried it (Mac, Standalone, Plus version) and all is working.

I am running free version. I would have thought there would be a prompt suggesting it’s not available in the free version if that was the case, rather than the error message. Needs clarification. Oh, and thanks for the VERY quick replies!!

@steve.e.lane I might be wrong about the free version. It’s a very new release, so feature set might have changed. Have you seen this thread Text to Wavetable Doesnt Work ?- might have some useful info for you.

This had to do with the token expiring after Vital was open for a little while.
This should be fixed in the latest version - 1.0.4 - you can get it at https://account.vital.audio