Skin Sharing Thread

thanx for the skins nice colour scheme ! easy on the eyes

Thank you. I can’t take any credit for it as I just made edits to the existing Promethium skin by cherryleafroad Skin Sharing Thread - #152 by cherryleafroad

I have… it comes in 2 variations now and is available as part of my Vintage Vital preset bank:

Free Skin for Vital, Ableton, Blender and Kilohearts.
Free Skin Pack.

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Hi all, I have a general question now it might sound stupid because I’m pretty new to Vital I’ve been only using it for a couple of days, but I can’t open .vitaltheme files in Vital but instead only .vitalskin and I also don’t see a “theme” option in the advanced menu, only “skin”. So if anyone knows how to solve it I would be happy to hear :slight_smile:

Are you on Vital 1.5.x or 1.08 ?

I am on 1.0.7 rn, did I miss an update?

I guess you did , go here :sunglasses:

And download and install the latest.

And if you want to know all the versions you’ve missed click on “All Downloads”

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Oh wow that completely flew over my head. Thank you!

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Are there any skins similar to the Feed Me skin for Serum? Is that possible on Vital?

Simple and clean skin. If You will find any issues with colours etc. let me know.

Vital Sketch.vitaltheme (110.9 KB)


Thank you. I enjoy experimenting with skin editing, but have too much serious work sucking up my time to study, practice, and become proficient enough to create truly artful and practical design.
Vital and Surge XT in VCV Rack with various Modular FX is my favourite instrument combo, and though not a major priority, having a cohesive interface is something I’m moving towards.

That’s like a Beat Saber theme for Vital Synth :joy: ,anyways AMAZING WORK Troth!

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I made this skin some time ago but didn’t get around to sharing it.

The effects colours are set to similar colours to BOSS guitar pedals.

Enjoy :grinning: :+1:

YNOT 2.0.vitaltheme (119.9 KB)


Coolness Theme

Cool WAV - Coolness Theme.vitaltheme (67.7 KB)

Green Grapes Theme

Cool WAV - Green Grapes Theme.vitaltheme (69.0 KB)

Ash Theme

Cool WAV - Ash Theme.vitaltheme (67.3 KB)


I think the only issue is the fact that I’ll never get my retinas back if I download this :joy:
This is my version of the Vital theme. Sorry I don’t have a screenshot right now, because this is rushed, but I will assure you, it looks awesome!

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Okay, here is the screenshot for reference. You’re welcome!
(To be honest, the reason why I could not upload it earlier was because I made a new account just before the link to it was shared. I was waiting for this cooldown to go down, and now I just found out the cooldown was done.)


what do you think? :face_with_peeking_eye: is this color good? :thinking:


honestly, so sick!