Skin Sharing Thread

Hello again, everyone. I spent some time and fixed Sith, and also made a blue counterpart, Jedi, to drop alongside it. I hope you enjoy.

Sith V2

You can download Sith V2 here, or with the direct download at the bottom.


You can download Jedi here, or with the direct download below.

Direct downloads:
Sith V2 (by Dr. Printer).vitaltheme (61.8 KB)
Jedi (by Dr. Printer).vitaltheme (61.8 KB)


Just spent all thanksgiving making my first theme, mostly spent finding the thing I want to change or fixing colors that I messed up. This would be VERY helpful to know, great question.

My personal dark theme I have been tweaking for a while, takes some inspiration from pigments, but tried to stay true to the classic Vital colors, though the effects I prefer all one color. All to MY taste, but might appeal to others. Some details that I like, such as the waveforms being solid and visible on osc that are off (but still obviously off)
Vital_After_Hours.vitaltheme (83.9 KB)


That purple gradient is sick! I love how this skin looks overall, nice and minimal while yet still popping out!

You can set the opacity to 0 and it will become a completely transparent color.

Very nice skin but I’m having trouble with it displaying 3D wavetables. Anybody else having the same issue?

Yeah, that dang 3d wave disappears on me, thought it was just me since it was happening on other themes too. Don’t know if I did something wrong, or if it’s just a kink