Serum Skin (Vital 1.0.8) by Astrotype

Hello there! :slight_smile:

NOTE: Before you download the skin, please keep in mind that this skin is NEVER meant to replace Serum. If damage has been caused by this skin, this post might be removed immediately. Thank you for understanding! :grinning:

I tried to make a skin that copies the looks and style of Serum as close as possible. I have changed all visible areas of the skin and fine tuned all colors so it would look fresh in every part of the skin. I started to create this skin three weeks ago and worked on it for probably two weeks. I enjoyed making this skin and spent a lot of time and effort. Sometime have been struck by a bit of stress and perfectionism. But fortunately the whole skin turned out great and didn’t look a bit off. I’m so proud of it! Here’s the skin, hope you like it! :smiley:

Serum Skin (by Astrotype) v1.0.8.vitalskin (14.7 KB)

Sample images of the skin in all parts of the synth: Serum Skin v1.0.8 Gallery (1.2 MB)

(Can’t find high resolution image of Serum from the internet so no comparison)
(Put it next to Serum and see how close it is)

P.S. Does anyone knows about copyright laws and stuff? Is it okay to make skins that copies the looks of other synths like this? I’m just concerned about the copyright, I only knew a little about it. I would appreciate all your comments! :grin:

P.S.2 And I also posted some reply about this weeks ago ^.^ Serum Skin V1 (Download)


I’m not a Serum guy, but that skin is dope!
I know how much work something like this requires, fantastic job :+1:

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don´t understand why vital should look like serum. :upside_down_face:

but i have to admit the skin looks good, downloaded it. :slight_smile:
nice work!

about the copyright, this thread (and posted serum skins in other threads) would probaly allready be deleted if it were a problem.
if you disguise vital as serum and try to sell it as serum you probably get some serious problems. :crazy_face:

if you take a image from somewhere and use it, i would not do that whitout beeing sure it´s free to use.

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I don’t actually need to make Vital look like Serum. This is just my starting point for making Vital skins. Now I have an idea about how much time and effort it would take to make skins, and familiarized myself in every part of the skin, it would be easier now for me to make a new one. Making this skin is just a random idea that I’ve never thought from the start that would turn out well.

Thank you people for liking my skin and recognizing my efforts! :smiley: And about the copyright one, I appreciate if they would delete this topic if this thing becomes a problem, because I thought I have to delete this post myself haha :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :smiley:

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maybe this can save you some time. didn´t try it myself.


Copyright is not an issue. Could be a trade mark issue of you start to sell it and Xfer has the look registered as s trade mark. They can potentially make TM claims without a registration, but it is a weak claim. Giving it away for free, no issue.

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Trying to download this to my Mac but it defaults to a .txt type - even after renaming it’s extension, Vital cannot load/recognize the .vital extension. Any suggestions?

Problem solved. Had to use Mac file info view to change name - renaming does the same but does not affect the file type. Simple things that Windows users won’t experience :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a really neat skin! Thank you for creating this skin :slight_smile:

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There is one imposter Among Us


Actually, it’s just the same in windows. :upside_down_face:

Hi @Astrotype,

I really like your skin but when I try loading “Serum Skin V1.vitalskin” Vital crashes on me. I’m using v1.5.3. Is there a work around or something for this?


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Yes. I was planning to update this skin in the future, but here’s the unfinished v1.5.3 in .vitaltheme format.Serum Skin (by Astrotype) v1.5.3 Unfinished.vitaltheme (145.2 KB)


This one loaded great. :grinning: After you get the menu text color changed I think you got it. I’m curious, how do you get the old files to work in 1.5.3?

Thanks @Astrotype!

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Load a skin with .vitalskin format in Vital 1.5 and save theme, it will save in a new .vitaltheme format which works better in v1.5 than the old .vitalskin format.