Rhode-ish pad sound this time... (with & without TAL Chorus)

Maybe I should study for my finals now…
Rhodeland.vital (213.7 KB)

Can’t play too long because I might run out of the 20 MB limit.

With TAL Chorus LX (free):

Download TAL Chorus here:
TAL Software (tal-software.com)

Shamelessly plugging my past thread:
Another classic 80’s sound (No external effects) - Vital

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Cool sound as always! But it has this slight “distortion (?)” when you hold down keys. It’s audible in your previews. Is it on purpose? Longer attack on compressor solves this. Probably a matter of taste :wink:
Always looking forward to your presets. Already made some beats with them. Thanks a lot!

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Oops didn’t realize I had SketchCassette on :sweat_smile:. The sound shouldn’t be that different though.

Edit: Yep. Checked again. The patch has no distortion nor clicking noises.

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