Another classic 80's sound (No external effects)

It’s a brass. I am working on an analog soundbank. It’s hard but I’m working on it.

Blinded by the Pad.vital (4.5 MB)


Beautifully warm sound!!! Keep up the good work!

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This sounds so wide, open, and mobile! Love all the filters or phasers swirling around. Is the wavetable a square-ish shape?

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Yes! Saw for the body and square for the bass.

Wow this sounds great! The only thing I have is that you could try to decrease the unison a bit. Polyphonic analog synths traditionally don’t have a lot of unison because it was the 80s and 16 voices was as probable as Apple stock selling. For example, the Jupiter 8 in polyphonic mode only has two oscillators per note. That’s the same for the CS-80 and the Prophet 8 (plus some noise).

It depends on personal taste. Personally I like a fatter, wider sound, and 7 voices achive the balance of sounding “full” but not “muddy”. If you feel like the sound might be too rich and not really authentically 80’s, you can always decrease the voices to your taste :slight_smile:.

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That’s a great point, didn’t think about that :slight_smile:

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Oooooo this is very nice, thank you fren <3

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amazing I look forward to the whole pack

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Great sound. I like your previous pack too. Keep it up!

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Very Vangelis! :slight_smile:

Wow! That is amazing!!

Great sound indeed!

One question. When I open the link with Vital and then click “Save preset”, there is no information about Author or Comments shown. Is this because the file doesn’t contain this metadata indeed, or is this caused by a bug in Vital?