New version crash on linux Manjaro

I haven’t made any changes to the sound so I’m not sure what you’re hearing. Also, I wouldn’t recommend using 4x or 8x unless you need it for some reason.

oke sorry, hearing and thinking to hear remains mysterious
i think it forgot to set device type and audio buffer rate when testing new version thanks

Crashes on me also, both standalone and VST3
Ubuntu 20.04, kernel 5.4.0-58-generic
How do I download an older version?

OK, the download page at least works for me now, so I was able to downgrade to 1.0.3, which still works. Thanks for that!

BTW, it seems like the ‘check for updates’ setting isn’t working in Linux? I’ve never gotten any kind of notice of a new version being available when loading the plugin…

To find older versions, on the website, go to ‘account’, then click on ‘all downloads’. (The page had some issues for some people earlier, but appears to be fixed now, at least for me.)

I join the club: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Version 1.0.3 works fine, Version 1.0.4 crashes with “Killed” in the terminal. And I can confirm that the “update” feature is not working - it’s not even notifying me of new versions.

Running Debian testing with proprietary nvidia drivers using Bitwig 3.3.1 and having similar issues, 1.0.4 crashes immediately while 1.0.3 works fine.

Just downgraded my nvidia drivers to v390 and Vital 1.04 working.But there is some window glitches / flickering/ on pages “Voice” and “Effects”. On others tabs no flickeing.
On Efect page is flickering permanent on Voice page only if sound is playing.
I think is some sync problem.

On Effect page only Chorus, Compressor, Delay not flickering, Filter when it moves.
All others flickering

Yes, see above

You may want to check the last Vital release:

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This should be fixed in the latest: version 1.0.5

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yes, works like a charm! thanks! :bowing_man:

I can confirm it now works on Ubuntu 18.04 too. Thanks a lot !