May 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread

Space brass organ thing.vital (551.0 KB)

Single notes in the lower registers sound brassy and dusty. Chords and higher registers notes sound more organ like. There are some macros to play with.

Sorry, newbie here: not sure if a Vital patch includes the wavetable/noise, so here they are just in case
Mars Voyager (3.1 MB)

Hi @realname99, yes, the patches include all the components - which is what makes the .vital files so large.

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Oh, thanks andrew_a, that’s really helpful. The file sizes didn’t seem to add up so I thought I’d better post the files, but I won’t need to bother in future: will save some messing about. :grinning:

BS - Funky Slapper.vital (1.0 MB)

Blockquote Hi @realname99, yes, the patches include all the components - which is what makes the .vital files so large.

Has the size of the “standard” noise sample in the SMP already been reduced? Do you know @andrew_a ?
If not, I’d suggest to use a custom stripped down version of that sample, @realname99. It’s because this sample will be stored in your patches whether SMP is used or not.

Orchestral Elements 1.vital (267.5 KB)

C minor blues 2.vital (297.4 KB)

Gamelan echo 1.vital (181.4 KB)

Electro Udu Drum.vital (1.5 MB)

Piano2.vital (1.5 MB)

Cm Pentatonic Jam.vital (299.0 KB)

blues.vital (172.0 KB)

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Thanks, @Peter.H. As I mentioned, I’m a complete newbie at this so am extremely grateful for any guidance!

PD - Opposite Abrasion.vital (621.0 KB)

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Voices_Different Dimension Of View.vital (202.8 KB)
Threadmaster.vital (170.0 KB)

ThreaMaster Vital Only - Threadmaster Only

BS - Gasoline.vital (771.2 KB)

SEQ - Sci-Fi Mission.vital (175.8 KB)

LD - Moog Memories.vital (606.5 KB)


Twitch Stream 2nd Preset.vital (245.6 KB) Twitch Stream 1st Preset.vital (245.2 KB) Twitch Stream 2nd Preset - With Delay.vital (245.6 KB)
Just testing the twitch channel where I will stream my vital travels :smiley: some cool sounds could be useful to someone

Twitch Stream Preset 1 - stream 1.vital (202.7 KB) Twitch Stream Preset 2 - stream 1.vital (202.8 KB) Twitch Stream Preset 3 - stream 1.vital (202.8 KB) Twitch Stream Preset 4 - stream 1.vital (202.8 KB)
It is evolution of same sound, it ended up not so bad, will listen to it again, hope it will be helpful and useful, sound can be changed in wavetable menu nice delay is added so it sounds well check it and feedback pls :smiley:

and one more it is awesome
Invisible DJing.vital (203.3 KB)

Background for Modification.vital (170.4 KB)



For modulation I’ve used Ableton Lite (in order to use Reason as VST) and reason vst effect Aligator filter gate -

And one more created it this morning no new thread to post so I will post it here :slight_smile:
MachineSound - Echo-Dark.vital (181.6 KB)
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Thriller Ambience.vital (424.2 KB)
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Weird Synth.vital (550.1 KB)

Twitch presets

Twitch 2nd episode - Preset 1 modified.vital (160.7 KB) Twitch Stream Preset 2.vital (159.9 KB) Twitch Stream Preset 3.vital (160.1 KB) Twitch 2nd episode - Preset 1.vital (160.6 KB)

Here is a compilation (as a Vital Patch Bank) of patches posted to the forum in May 2021:
May 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread.vitalbank

Patches were contributed to the forum by the following forum members:

If I have missed anyone out, or anyone would like their patches/skins removed from this compilation bank, please let me know.

In addition to these patches:
@carl.caulkett is maintaining an archive of patches posted onto discord.
@josi.ayensa maintains (and contributes to) an online repository of vital patches.
@michael.witwicki maintains a free Preset Sharing Site.
@S1gns_Of_L1fe has posted Ambient Transmission 02 - 5 new ambient presets and 10 custom wavetables for ambient or any other genre .
@Deen has posted Free Tech House Presets
@Alan has posted a Free Midtempo Preset Pack - Midtempo for Vital

Got patches to share? Want to find more patches? Then look for other monthly patch sharing threads :slight_smile:

Please don’t post any more patches to this thread, find the thread for the current month. Thanks.


amazing stuff how did you managed to achieve it

I love that Lead patch!

Thank you! It’s one of my favorites that i’ve made