DAW crashes when opening Vital v1.5x (all versions): STILL NOT FIXED

How were you using it in so many projects if it crashes your DAW immediately?

Ok, this makes sense, I understand better now what you were trying to do. It’s less about the bug and more about the support, is what I got from what you said. I can see your frustration and the needed translations could have made that seem more like entitlement; its a tough line to walk and a translator doesn’t help. You could always try contacting Tytel via Discord or directly on Twitter, i’m not currently aware of a suppory email.

Usually bugs like this tend to get resolved in a matter of days or even hours so that could also contribute to why you havent seen direct support. I think that it would definitly be a good idea for Tytel to describe exactly what “prioritized support” means and how to access it. Good luck with however you proceed.

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Its probably just the 1.5.x versions

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Did you try just mailing support@vital.audio ? I found it in 5 seconds from my “verify-your-mailadress” e-mail. Also I get that you’re frustrated (I felt the same frustration with Steve Duda from Xfer), but we’re here to try and help you as well. But it feels insulting that you don’t report back what you DID try instead and thereby help us, help you.

Strange question! V1. Not 1.5x (in my projects).

Sorry, I don’t understand what is insulting and what should I report. I said that I tested every tip given on this forum, and none worked.
No, I did not find the support adress (I’m not smart enought!), and I thank you for your information. Normaly, this information should be obvious, so the client does not have to look after it.
I’ll mail to support@vital.audio (if it works), but I’m sure M Tytel is informed. Something is not very fair in it’s behaviour. Should I accept it? Should any client accept it? NO!

Ok let’s go back in time. What is a better non-strange question I could have asked?

Vital users are not interested in this.

What is important is that those who have bought the paid version may be concerned by the attitude of Mister Tytel, who seems to behave as if he was only offering a free product: no invoice for custommers, no support (the famous “prioritized support” seems to be a fiction, therefore a false advertisement, because this support cannot be limited to the users’ forum), refusal to deal with a problem which concerns only his one and only product…

Yes, this is a real problem.

As SlavaCat wrote : “It is strange that @Tytel hasn’t commented in this tread as prioritized support is part of the package.”

What would make you happy? Seems like you’re mad.

This is really insulting. But I take it from where it comes from : Garbage

wow! i thought i was sort of anonymous but you must know my real identity!

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I use Reaper with an intel i5 Graphics 4600.
On Linux under WINE. And it should be impossible because of OpenGL requirements, but I hacked my system into thinking it had the proper version of OpenGl. That thread’s on this forum.

I had lots of problems getting it to work, on Linux! (!!!) , but I managed.
It seemed to matter most to me whether I was running as a separate, native or default process in Reaper.

L’Homme au Masque de Fer

I’m afraid I don’t agree with this statement. As I have said before other vst’s (e.g. Scaler) do appear to be affected. One of the common factors appears to be that the users have configuration that include OpenGL on Windows 10/11 and possibly older graphics cards.

The issue does appear to be intermittent in that it affects a small number of configurations, but not all, thus making it harder to identify the problem and solve.

For example I have a configuration that includes an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card on a Windows 10 HOME OS, and have no issues.

EDIT: I must emphasise that I and most users also have no issues running Scaler 2 on Windows. This issue does seem to be confined to a few users with OpenGL.