Clever Patch: A 50:50 chance Envelope Selector

What this Patch demonstrates: By clever combining a random generator, modulation modifier curves and routing in the matrix I can choose one of two Envelopes with a 50:50 chance … Enjoy

In the template/demo patch I have used LFO1 and LFO2 as kind of envelopes for a fast 1/16 sequence.
Both envelopse are a bit different in their configuration, especially one of them has some “stereo” setting.
Important component is the random1 generator - Whenever it is > 0.5 in value LFO1 is chosen to modulate the Volume of OSC1 or otherwise LFO2 is chosen.

Template 50-50-chance Envelope selector.vital (45.5 KB)

BTW: Please share your thoughts about such template patches. I don’t want to bore you guys to death with my “experiments”.


Using the method to do “probabliities” by cleverly selecting the mod remap feature here’s a little Chord Generator-Patch:
The Chord-Generator.vital (193.1 KB)


i preset non funzionano…vital genera l onda init…

Sorry, I cannot understand your message, @toshsanto . Could you please use english. Thank you.

Er sagt, das Preset funktioniere nicht. Vital generiere lediglich die Init-Wellenform.

Sorry, I had to troll here…:crazy_face:

For anyone besides Peter: He said the preset wouldn’t work, Vital just plays the Init-Waveform.

Out of courtesy, I would advise you @toshsanto, to use the common language of this forum, which is English. Most of us are no native speakers of the English language. But we all stick to the common ground, in order to facilitate the exchange of information. If in doubt use Google Translate, which yields convincing results.


Oh, I’m sorry, @toshsanto and thanks for helping out with the translation @SeBaer

Let’s try again. Here’s a 2nd export of the kind of harmony generator … just an experiment … don’t expect a fully fledged production ready preset. I only wanted to try to use a random generator and map it to usefull values…as I said, it’s an experiment.
The Generator (2nd).vital (193.1 KB)

And here’s two pages of how the patch should look like

What it does:
1.) Oscillator 1 plays a simple sequence of the base note you press on the keyboard
2.) Oscillators 2 and 3 play notes ontop of it, could be a 5th or even a 7th. but they choose notes with different probablility. The probablility is somehow the width of the blocks in the remapping.

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Ok, thanks, anyway you got it right … the preset. vital plays only the initial sound, besides this the settings of the patch described here are not reproduced … thanks for your attention, I am using google translate (I am Italian)

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I do not encounter any problems with your patches, neither with The Chord-Generator nor The Generator (2nd). They both seem to work as intended.
But I took the liberty of fooling around a little with The Generator. I restricted it to a minor chord, and added a little spectral morph, a touch of compression…
The Generator (Edit).vital (193.4 KB)
You always seem to come up with the most advanced stuff. Amazing

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Thanks a lot. I love to be a synth nerd, play with stuff, explore, find unique things … :wink:


it refers to the generator, not a808 kik bass. the message gave it to me only if I load it from the open vst. usually the sounds I can get from the shares I open them directly by clicking on the preset, so I quickly figure out whether to keep the preset or delete it … but in this way I did not get the message that I have an old version

So, which version of Vital are you on? On my computer it opens fine in Version 1.0.4
You can check the version by clicking on the Vital-symbol in the top left corner. Downwards compatibility is only available from version 1.0.5 and onwards. If your system allows, you should try to update. Unless the newer version of Vital does not work for you.

yes, I have version 1.0.3 on an old operating system (windows 7) in fact the system requirements speak of windows 10 … maybe this is the problem. thank you for your attention

Maybe hacking the Patch, like Peter.H described here might help.

this is probably because microsoft don´t support windows 7 anymore, but as far as i know vital works fine with windows 7.

Try if 1.0.5 works.

Yes! I try … thanks :slight_smile: