Dissecting Fileformat ... Synth and Patch-Format Version

Because there where some hickups with patch level updates and “won’t load” errors in the past, I took a look into the File-Format. It seems it contains references to the synth version it has been created with and to a patch file format version…

How did I make the patch file readable? It’s a simple JSON plain text format.
I have opened it with notepad++ added JSTools Extension to notepad++ and then formated it in order to get this structured and line by line view you can see in the picture.

So if you are really desperate to use the patch of a person who already has the new synth, but it won’t load into your version … you can try to go into the patch text file and replace all let’s say “1.0.5” to “1.0.3” …
Please let’s not discuss why there might be or not be reasons to be stuck on a older version.

I just give information here.

BTW: In the screenshot you can even see that the wavetables are contained in the patch as a base64 encoded text blob (base64 means: start with binary data and encode it in text … this means a 3:2 lenght increase in data size).

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you are great! … how I would aspire to have this domesticity

it works!!! <3 <3

So, you did get that preset to work? That’s great news!:+1:

yes, in addition by modifying the preset and saved it keeps the data inside reloading it from vital !! thank you so much!!!

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In general this isn’t supported and will definitely cause issues if doing it across major version changes (like 1.1) but should be fine in the minor version changes (last version digit)


It’s major.minor.patch version. And yes … the tip is only for emergencies and on your own risk :wink: