Best preset creation tutorials

Looking for tutorials on preset design by folks that really know what they are doing…any suggestions would be appreciated. I watched some of Mr. Bill’s but he’s really just working on his macros. Trying to cut down on the time spent sifting through the YouTube craziness.

Depends very much on what kind of sound you want to achieve.

There´s a thread with tutorials here.

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Thanks for the threads but this for the most part is what I’m trying to get away from. Looking for more advanced sound design. For me it doesn’t really matter the genre or style of sound. Just looking for high quality. thanks again.

how can you produce high quality, when you haven´t decided what you want to produce?:nerd_face:

sorry but this sounds impossible to me. :japanese_ogre:

No worries…not actually producing a song with this. Just working on sound design. I practice scales, arpeggios, techniques, on instruments without having any song in mind to use them in. Producers I work with do this all the time. Create bass sounds, pads, keys, etc. Same as the people that design the presets in Vital. They didn’t create the presets with any song in mind- But people will use them for songs.

If you ask for a specific thing you will get help more likely.

anyways good luck with your search.

If you are looking for quality content, then you may want to look at There is a Vital introduction tutorial featured recently in this forum, as well as multiple tutorials about sound design and more.

If you are really interested in learning sound design with synthesizers, then is a very interesting option to consider.

If it would help at all, I’m going to be making a short series on how to use Vital’s features to your full advantage whilst making presets / banks. A lot of the tutorials on YouTube have been on specific sounds and the synth as a whole, so I thought it would be nice to show some out of the box ways to achieving certain sounds.


agreed…mostly interested in more advanced concepts and usage…I’m finding some of the presets I like are starting with custom tables or highly modified tables. Not all of course. Trying to find all the modulations going on slows me down with vital a bit…It would be nice to be able to see everything modulated by each LFO with one click…that would speed things up for me when tearing apart a preset

how much do you know about synthesis as it seams like your missing on some of the basics.
the reasion i say this is as you mention being able to see all the modulations ie for the lfos.
well you can usally do that by looking at the modulation matrix.
vital matrix you can even click on sorce or destination at the top and it will order them so say you click sorce all the lfo modulations will be together.
or if you click destination all the sources that are moding say the filter will be together.

i highly recomend you go through the old soundonsound synth secrets it covers basics and more advanced.

along with break downs on synthersising perticlular types of sounds with block diagrams that you can then apply the idears and concepts to most synths.


Don’t forget about the matrix - that gives you a view of all the modulations. It can be tricky to read, especially when one source is modulating another modulation. I wish we could reorder the matrix (so I could put my macros together in order, for instance, or group all the LFOs)

hay qub1t
try clicking source or destination at top in matrix.

Nice tip! I never noticed that before!

This might be useful for you:

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