Ambient Transmissions | Free Vital Presets and Wavetables

I’ve started a new series on my YouTube channel where I will be giving away the presets I used to create the music. Every preset has been created from scratch and several of the wavetables were made right inside of Vital. Cheers and enjoy!

Link to the video:

Get the presets here:


Ambient Transmission 02 is out now. 5 new ambient presets and 10 custom wavetables for ambient or any other genre. Cheers!

Link on Gumroad:

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10 new ambient presets for Vital by S1gns Of L1fe. Five of the presets included are from my upcoming soundset “Anomaly” coming to Material Soundsets by Synphaera in July. Cheers and enjoy!

Get the presets here:

Video Link: