May 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread

LD - Analog Insanity.vital (160.6 KB)

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Detune Power Fun 1.vital (246.2 KB) Choir.vital (386.3 KB) Choir 2.vital (386.4 KB) Monster Kick.vital (830.4 KB) Onanism 2.vital (1.4 MB) Electroc Pianic.vital (171.0 KB) Unstable Wavetable.vital (693.7 KB) Burning Organ.vital (245.2 KB) Seven tone equal temperament.vital (694.1 KB) Son Montuno 1a.vital (356.3 KB) Microtonal.vital (693.4 KB)

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False Echo 1.vital (170.8 KB)
Diabolus in musica.vital (170.8 KB)
Garbage Rock.vital (171.8 KB)

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PL - Determination.vital (246.6 KB)

LD - Collapse.vital (1.5 MB)

BS - Genesis.vital (2.8 MB)

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Blossoming Piano.vital (194.8 KB)

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@S1gns_Of_L1fe has posted Ambient Transmission 02 - 5 new ambient presets and 10 custom wavetables for ambient or any other genre.

BS - Evil Organ Drone.vital (2.4 MB)

SY - Horizen.vital (786.4 KB)

SEQ - System Malfunction.vital (1.5 MB)


Sharing my own sound design here in the forum for the first time :sweat_smile:

BS - Just Thic Reeser.vital (170.3 KB)

BS - Megadrive Nice Bass.vital (170.4 KB)

BS - Trance Arp Bass.vital (170.7 KB)

LD - A Classic Solorist.vital (170.4 KB)

PD - Mistic Altered.vital (213.3 KB)

PL - Cheap Pluck String.vital (170.3 KB)

SY - VHS Synthwave.vital (170.6 KB)

SY - Vital Brass.vital (170.4 KB)


Have you ever wanted a sequence playing microtonal major chords through the circle of fifths while constantly rising in pitch using the Shepard tone effect?
Well, today’s your lucky day!
19edo glitter.vital (175.7 KB)

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Bass with a pronounced Attack. Play it with velocity and get the goove…
Punch Velo Bazz.vital (235.5 KB)

@Deen has posted Free Tech House Presets

@Alan has posted a Free Midtempo Preset Pack - Midtempo for Vital

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I wanted to make a full drum kit with Vital, so here’s my “Retro Kit v1” presets and sound demo.

Individual Presets:
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Cabasa.vital (171.6 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Clap.vital (395.9 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Cow Bell.vital (481.8 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Crash.vital (653.4 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Hi Hat.vital (340.3 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Kick.vital (684.3 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Snare.vital (841.6 KB)
PRC - Retro Kit v1 - Toms.vital (396.2 KB)


Here’s a Demo Patch which demos

  • Modulationg the Delay to creat some kind of beating effect
  • Modulating the “Spread Parameters” in Advanced Section

Demo means - This patch should be a starting point for your own experiments. It’s only a minimal patch the leaves room for own improvements. It’s not a ready to go “library” style patch.

Have fun experimenting

Please find attached, the Patch, the Midi data (wrpped into a zip) of the little demo mp3 and the demo recording

Beating Stack Monster.vital (320.5 KB) (367 Bytes)

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And here’s a little Demo Show Case / Sketch for “Beating Stack Monster”. It’s 6 of my Vital Patches, including an automated Acid Patch … I think I have published it already in beginning of 2021. On top of Vital it’s only some moderate compression on Bitwig master Level


Mars Voyager: sort-of emulation of an Erik Wøllo patch, with added audio from the Perseverance rover. If you’re making space music, why not use actual sounds from space?
Mars Voyager.vital (3.7 MB)

Space brass organ thing.vital (551.0 KB)

Single notes in the lower registers sound brassy and dusty. Chords and higher registers notes sound more organ like. There are some macros to play with.

Sorry, newbie here: not sure if a Vital patch includes the wavetable/noise, so here they are just in case
Mars Voyager (3.1 MB)

Hi @realname99, yes, the patches include all the components - which is what makes the .vital files so large.

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Oh, thanks andrew_a, that’s really helpful. The file sizes didn’t seem to add up so I thought I’d better post the files, but I won’t need to bother in future: will save some messing about. :grinning: