Add new features to the sampler

it would be great to be able to put cue points, like start, end, loop points and reverse start. for more manipulable samples inside. excuse bad english.


This would be cool, especially if there was an advanced option to adjust and/or turn off interpolation for those instances where you might want your sample to be really crunchy. If you like this then please like and reply to Drusus’ request too since there’s a bit of overlap with this one.

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I also would like this features for more modelling on the sample module !



Reverse start would be nice, plus having more options in the sampler module would be nice. Maybe through an additional pop-out window like the WT-editor so it opens up the advanced sampler options?

Just dreaming here but I’d love to see one or two more samplers added. I love to build up layers. Iris 2 and Alchemy are both great but getting long in the tooth.

Yep, sampler improvements would be appreciated and maybe instead of having it extra just beeing able to choose sampler as an OSC and then have 4 OSC, which either can be Wavetable or Sampler?