Single Trigger and Sample start

  1. Single Trigger for envelopes and LFOs might as a little botton where the user could simply switch between single- and poly-trigger.
    This feature is very common in modern synths like Harmor, Serum, Zebra, Ikarus etc and in my view an important musical function.
  2. Sample start function similiar to the LFO start point and the ability to modulate it via LFO, Keytrack, Velocity etc.

More control over samples would be great. If you want this then please go like and reply to JephSnow’s request too since there’s a bit of overlap with this one.

I also request this feature, it would allow you to create even more interesting presets. :+1:

I definitely agree that this would be an awesome feature. I actually tried to do that, and realised oops :sweat_smile: and if I could modulate the start position with an lfo I could make vocal chops, or a crazy drum loop by mashing the various drum samples together into one, and then have the lfo play those individually as if it’s an actual drum loop.

Vital already has mad skills, and I believe that this would make it just that more sweeter

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I’ve come up with a way to do vocal chops by controlling the playback position of the wave frame using predetermined velocity values - check out my short tutorial:

That what you have done has nothing to do with poly-single trigger, like in Harmor, Hive Zebra, Ikarus, etc.
Single trigger in poly mode means you press 1 key and hold it and press in addition a second, 3., 4., etc. and with every additional key the LFO continious. If you then release all keys and press a new key the LFO starts from start point. And so on.
Therefore it has to be implemented correct.

I see what you mean about poly-single trigger, my mistake!

I guess I was responding more to @itsmorpheon and their comment about a way to do vocal chops

Single trigger:
I only want to recall this feature request because in my view it’s an important musical feature which I use often in other synths !

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Couldn’t this be done with an envelope delay. Not the most elegant solution though. If that sampler wasn’t so rudimentary ergo frustrating I’d buy this synth. Loop points with crossfades also sadly missing.

The ability to use the noise/sampler to modulate would be great. I often use noise to modulation fine tune for example.

Sorry if this has already being mentioned, I reckoned to read through a lot of requests. :smiley: