What's the best way to go back to a previous version

When I had problems with the text to wave table function, I upgraded to 1.5… But that didn’t resolve the issues. Being the text to wavetable works for about 75% of the languages, it must be a an issue at Vitals server end, than the version I’m running. But now i get screen glitches.

So how do I undo the 1.5 upgrade.?


I’d just go for a clean re-install. Backup your presets and skins (“User” folder in Music/Vital), uninstall Vital and remove any folders it might have left on your hard-drive (if you’re a mac user, check out this thread: How to unistall Vital in Mac), login to your account, download the version you need (probably 1.0.8 if you’re on Windows, 1.0.7 on Mac) and install anew.

Cheer, I guess there’s no roll-back option then. I give a fresh install a go.

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