Wavetable Specs? (Custom)

I know Serum typically uses wavetables of 2048 samples, and Surge can do wavetables with a crazy amount of waveforms. I’ve been searching but I can’t seem to find the specs for Vital’s wavetables. I want to start making some that are compatible with the newest emerging trends, and as tech gets better I can see a higher number of instantaneous samples becoming more common, so I would like to make them at 2048 but other software like Ableton use 1024. Since Vital is so new and popular I decided that it would be the deciding factor. Any info on that, and anything else I need to know? The more the better, I’m going hard on this stuff right now.

My guess would be 2048 samples (but perhaps variable) -

No guarantee this is the correct answer though


kWaveformSize = 2048


Open source ftw!

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Thanks! I was leaning in that direction anyway, already made some waveforms at that resolution. Now I just need to learn C++.:sweat_smile:

2048 is a good number. you get 1024 harmonics so you can play your oscillator down to 20hz before you start hearing the ‘end’ of the spectrum.

Also that bit of code is for line editing resolution (like LFOs) but it is the same 2048 for the wavetable.


Wow! Thanks for the info and a little bit more. And I know you get this a lot but thank you for your amazing work. Inspirational.

This was actually a good eye opener for me, I’m working on a wavetable synth right now and originally had the waveshape length at 4096 because it was just a safe number I thought would work for that time. Good to know and makes sense that 2048 samples will be plenty.

Just came back to say good luck on your synth. People like you, Matt, and many others make me want to join the fray. It took him three years to make Vital, and maybe years from now people will be using your synth, or the next one you build!


If you do the maths 2048 samples per slot is close to the number of samples you have for a cycle at midi not f1@44.1Khz (or so). So you can sample a synth from f1 (+/- some cents) and voila you can use that sample as a slot for your wavetable.
So all note above the reference note just “remove” some sample … on octave above f1 you can use half of the samples…ocatve above that a quarter … Just imagine a perfect sine cylce which is 2048 samples long … you need quite some octave steps and still there’s enough sample material available to rebuild the sine.
That’s why mostly all current WT synths use 2048 samples per slot, like Serum and Tone2 Icarus 2.

But in resmaple mode Vital is not locked to this interpretation of a “slot is 2048” long. Check out what happens when you resample a sample that was sampled at C4 … Tipp: WT Editor: Audio File Source and "Window Size" parameter - What does it actually mean
I did quite a few posts about wavetable, slotsizes and even pointed to some wt editiing software … think you can find it on your own :wink: