Waiting for support replay


I have recently purchased the Pro version of this synth.
I have sent an email hoping to get an answer, but did not get any reaction yet…(5-6 days)
Can someone tell me how fast can I expect an answer to my question?


You can also try the Discord server.
But feel free to post your question?

I have a very powerful machine, namely the MacPro 2019 with 16 cores and 192 GB ram. I can run virtually many plugins/etc on it and the cpu is just just awake.

However, running Vital is quite demanding. Very strange. Is this normal that my powerful machine has to work so hard running Vital?

I am running Vital in Cubase Pro 12, 6,3 ms latency.

Any comment is very much welcome.

Huh weird, what version of vital?
Does the standalone version also demand or just in Cubase?

Wavetabke resolution and oversampling factor affect CPU use directly.

Can you compare it to CPU hits for other spectral synths, like Phase Plant, Serum or Pigments?

Don’t keep your hopes high with the support. There are other persona posting here who have the same issue, f.ex. here: Change email on account - #9 by IgorArnaut

Link your Discord name to your Vital account and try that channel and remember to tell us how it went so we know here if there’s any activity left.

Vital seems like abandonware rn…

The reason I have purchased the 80 US$ version as I wanted to have email support, but perhaps I will never get an answer from the developer(s).
I am disappointed, they should not advertise the email support if they do not do it.
To be honest, I have never had this. Every other company replied to my question(s) (automatically, ticket, etc…), but until today I did not get any reaction from the Vital team.
Well, perhaps I had to buy Pigment or Serum…

I will later compare the cpu usage in standalone vs in Cubase and report it here.

I am not on Discord, but it looks everybody is there.
Perhaps that platform is much better (more active) than here…can you comment, please?

Discord is definitely more active than the forum. There will also be other users that might be able to help you.
Vital is just one person/developer, not really a company, so Matt may still reach out. Arturia Pigments and Xfer Serum are full company backed synths and will cost $150+ USD, but if that’s what you’re looking for I’d also recommend checking out kilohertz Phaseplant

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Yup, Discord is more active.

Phaseplant can usually be bought for 99 on discount when they’re selling it on cheap.

I guess spending the double on a synth that’s actually maintained could bring some peace of mind that it will not break on your daw for good with some random update or so.

Then again, some of the ancient synths still work, but some have needed an update to their GUI. That happened with Synth1 once, and despite having being version stuck for years it got the update, if I remember correctly.

Helm looks funny nowadays though.

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