Change email on account

Is it possible to change the email associated with the main site login? I have changed my forum email address but this has not reflected in the details I use to login.

I have a new email address and would like to change my login details to use this.


Any update on this?

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I have the same problem, as have others.

It seems like @Tytel does not yet have an on-site form for this kind of thing. I just wanted to bump this, because this seems like an important feature!

… same issue here … need to change my emailadress …

+1 for this subscribe to the solution…

Need the same. Changing email addresses and need to update the email Vital is registered with.

+1 this too.
I’m kind of surprised for the lack of response?
I have tried to contact @Tytel several times and not a word back.

I must say I am completely astonished about the lack of response here. I have tried to contact @Tytel through various means without luck. I mean, at least a “that is not possible at the moment” would be enough.

Pretty sad it has to be this way.

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It’s 2023 now and there’s still no option. Please add option for users to change email themselves.

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I don’t know if VITAL is really abandonware and that could be the reason for a lack of response to this issue.

Perhaps it’s a complex system issue (Logging, downloading presets from the account etc.) OR a lack of respect or consideration for, at least, the paying customers…
That would be quite sad indeed!

Just respond: “No technically possible” or “I’m working on a solution” or “I’m no longer developing Vital, sorry.”

Impeccability has become a rare quality in our recent times…

Vital is faithware. Tytel said almost half a year ago that he’s developing it but nothing’s happening and nothing concrete is revealed. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the reply. It’s gonna come one day or never.