Vitals compressor as standalone plugin

I would buy a standalone of vitals compressor in a heart beat, I’m sure anyone else that doesn’t use ableton live would also. :wink:


It would be awesome if Vital could be used as an Insert/Audio FX. Imagine warping an audio track through the filters, LFOs, FM and FX.

But, given how much I paid for Vital I can’t really complain!


I just want the compressor standalone lol

:+1: to that. @Tytel has done so much already by releasing this synth. Let’s go exhaust the possibilities first!

Oh, wait…

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I want all the Vital’s fx chain!

I hope I live that long! I’ve gotten so many different and inspiring sounds out of Vital but I think I’ve only covered about 1% of what it can do.


@brangruff are you familiar with XferRecord’s OTT?
I don’t use OTT enough to comment on how close it is to Vital’s compressor sound, but I think the Vital compressor’s interface might have been inspired by OTT.

Yeah I use it but it’s not as flexible also you can use the multi comp in serum fx as well. But imo having the comp from vital as a standalone plugin would be way nicer.

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The you should have a look at Bitwig :wink:

Adding an input to Vital, so you can route every sound into it and process it with everything inside vital would be awesome.

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I use bitwig. I have an fx-3 with “dynamics” in there for the upward downward thang but fx-3 crossovers are not that great so i find my self using xfer ott more. Vitals compressor standalone would be a go to for me if it were realised.