Vital vs Pigments

Hi guys,
i’m interested in how the one’s of you who have pigments feel about this comparison?

I prefer vitals workflow, but pigments has a couple more features.

On a side note, both synths and many of their presets sound kinda thin and sterile to me, compared to e.g. Hive or Dune, how do you guys feel about that?

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Vital, Pigments, DUNE 3 and Hive 2 are all different instruments and I can say that as an owner of all four.

Spend your time with the demos and find out which one(s) you like best.

Workflow doesn’t matter if you don’t like the sound and sound doesn’t matter if the CPU demand is too high to be usable.

Only the demo versions can tell you what you want to know. Asking other people will only lead to confusion as each synth has its fans and detractors and in the end the only opinion that matters is your own.

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i have all 4 synths aswell i am not looking for help which one to choose, i am just interested in a conversation how people like pigments vs vital

I cannot do a in depth comparison. Only one example: Vitals Unisono very well serves my needs whereas pigments unisono is not the most prominent feature it has in my eyes (ehm, I mean ears)… I deliberately say “in my eyes”. Please don’t take my opnion as a general “is better than … for everybody”.
That said it’s very hard to compare both, it too much depends on ones taste and needs. I think it’s good to have both and develop a gut feeling for when the one or the other better fits your needs.

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I think the conversation would be perfectly valid. And a hell of a lot more interesting than the typical “how do I change my vital password” support-desk type stuff that makes up most of this forum lately.

It would be perfectly valid at KVR but not here. Discussions of other developer’s plugins are not appropriate at the Vital forums.

That goes for any developer’s forum. Go to the Arturia forum and try to discuss Vital and see what happens. Go to the Synapse forums and try to discuss Hive and so on.

General discussions belong on an open forum like KVR. It’s as simple as that. You can flag my posts but it won’t change that simple fact.

I come here to get away from these pointless “This Versus That” threads at KVR. Please don’t drag them over here as well. Let’s focus on Vital here.

if you don’t like to talk about other synths simply don’t do it. I think a comparison of vital to another synth is more than valid to do in the vital forum. My main focus is on vital, because i prefer its workflow.

You came here to escape pointless discussions? Don’t dicuss them.

Actually you are right and wrong at the same time. Most of these A versus B threads is not what is interesting…interesting for me. But I remember for instance the one thread comparing Unisonos of like some dozen of synths and that was quite interesting…again for me. And that is actually why I mentioned “Unisono” in my on-topic post above (sorry, for staying on topic). I was surprised that Unisonos are so different and range from total muddy crap to excellent. And I wondered how the free Vital could be so much better than Pigments (in my ears)…
So there might be numerous pointless discussions in your eyes, Teksonik, but if there’s at least some that is relevant to some of us, then why block it? Blocking discussions might even turn away forum members/contributors.


I think this topic is great as i am using the Free Vital and have had plans to pay for the Pro version after Mac M1 is fully supported.

But i did just get a Arturia KeyLab 49 keyboard and it comes with a ton of software.
They make Pigmints and now they are offering it to me a discounted price as a new customer.
The discounted price is less the the Pro version of Vital and included two extra preset packs as well so well over 1200 presets.

So i need to deside what i want to do pay more for Vital Pro to get better text to wavetable or less for Pigments and get two extra packs for free with it.

I am having a hard time comparing them even doing side by side tests. They both seem to make the same sounds very easy. Digging into more features they both have many i like the pigments sequencer and like Vitals text to wavetable.

So any help here in comparing them woud be great.

What can one do the other cant?
What can one do more easy then the other?

Or you could just not make pointless discussions. You came here just to say Vital sounds “thin and sterile” compared to other synths.

How does that do anything but insult the developer?

I can’t make it any simpler. Open forums are for comparing different synths.
Developer forums are for discussing that developer’s synths not any other.

If you have a question about how to make Vital not sound thin and sterile that’s a legitimate thread.

Discussing Vital versus any other developer’s synth is better done at open forums like KVR as you’ll get a wider response.

If you are incapable of understanding that then there’s nothing more I can say. This thread does not belong here. End of story.

Ask your question at KVR. You’ll get a wider range of responses and the question is not appropriate for this forum.

Personally, I’d have paid twice the price for either Vital OR Pigments (they’re both fantastic) so I’d suggest grabbing Pigments at the discount they’re offering and then putting a little bit extra aside for Vital Pro, too. You can still access text-to-wavetable in the free version… effectively, purchasing Vital Pro is an overt donation to the developer (and a very worthwhile one!). That being said, the Vital community is also very generous with its presets: as well as the extra packs you’ll get with Pro there are thousands of patches available for free download on this forum and elsewhere.

No i did not. I came here to listen to people’s opinions on vital vs. pigments and how they feel about the sound of both synths.

How can you be so hurt by a stranger asking a question on the internet?

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I have DL all the free presets for each month so I have a ton of them.
Lots of good ones mixed with many not so great ones I need to filter out.
I think I will get Pigments for now as not sure when the Mac M1 version of vital will be out.
I can use both then.

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No. Now, End of story.

And that range of responses usually contains ‘fish’, or something similar.


The best thing to do is pick one that you feel most comfortable with using demos and then learn that baby inside out.
Once you master one you master them all. Vital is a clear contender as you can pick up a free full version essentially.

I learnt Massive inside out when I first started and then every synth from then is more about the additional options and the workflow.

Good luck if you have not already decided.

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So I did end up getting Pigments before the sale price ran out, Kinda wish I did not…

Comparing the two – I spent many hours in both Saving out tagging fav sounds in each one.

In Vital I have all the posted sounds from each month so it is a lot of sounds and Pigments with the included 3 extra sound items that had come with it was also a lot of sounds.

In the end Vital has much better sounds by far - a lot more usable.

Pigments has a lot of sound presets that just sound like noise very strange things I can not see using for anything. A ton of preset sounds but not many good ones VS the amount they give you.

I think what they do not want to do is make sounds that may sound as good as their other V-Lab sampled synth sounds so they just created a lot of presets of different noise settings but most are just that noise with no music feel to them. Many do not play well at all such crazy stiff.
They do have a lot of good slow mood sounding sounds but many sound to much the same and way to many of them.
For good lead playing they offer very little of any good sound presets as most of the sounds need to be played slow or med speed to even work right. I did tag out many good sounds but nothing I do not think Vital has as well.

Vital on the other had has a lot fo great sounding lead preset sounds I can even play with my Midi guitar and play quit fast.
Vital also has good mood sounding sounds that sound the same or as good as anything in Pigments,

I Vital the presets I saved as favorites are much more usable for many things. In Pigments when I go back into the favorites I saved most are slow mood sounds not much for other things.

So I am a bit disappointed in Pigments as the demo would never let me run it very long to even test it very well before buying it.

So Vital to me has much better preset sounds from all the free sounds people have made VS what is in Pigments.
People making sounds for Vital have no problem making good sounds that may sound like something from another collection of synth sounds and more.

Just my thoughts on both…